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Red Ball 4 Volume 3

About game:

Red Ball 4 Volume 3 is a Platform, Red Ball and Adventure video game that captures the next Adventure of the fictional character Red Ball. Continuing with the story from Red Ball 4 Volume 1 and 2, this third season brings in a set of another fifteen levels with more exciting challenges. The square-shaped invaders are threatening the world of Red Balls, and if the Red Balls fail to protect their planet, then the new world will not be friendly.

You take the role of Red Ball in this video game, as your task is controlling him and leading him to surpass all the fifteen challenging levels. The game world of Red Ball 4 Volume 3 is quite dark and mysterious since it is now being taken over by the violent invaders. You can roll Red Ball and help him make appropriate jumps in order to collect all the stars the game spreads around.

Red Ball 4 Volume 3 rewards you with scores for your performance. The fewer mistakes you cause, the higher score you earn. The graphics and interface of the game are well-upgraded, compared to the previous versions. You will see that Red Ball moves quicker and more comfortable, as the controls are now smoother than ever. That information might be all that you need to have a good time with Red Ball 4 Volume 3, now let’s kick off your Adventure!

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Red Ball 4 Volume 3 is one of the most adored games on Hudgames. Besides that, Red Ball 4 Volume 2 and Red Ball 5 are also prominent names that voted by thousands of gamers from all around the world.

How to play:

Press Up, Down, Left, Right buttons to move Red Ball.

Red Ball 4 Volume 3 - How to play

Control of Red Ball 4 Volume 3

Tips and tricks:

The game brings you through levels without announcing, which means you can check up on your progress in the Menu screen.

If you want to watch the intro of the game again, you can rewatch it in the Options.

Red Ball 4 Volume 3 Walkthrough