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Red Ball 4


Welcome back to Red Ball 4 which is a cool game developed by Eugene Fedoseev. This is an exciting platform arcade and puzzle video game. If you've ever played the Red Ball series, this is its 4th part. Red Ball 4 Volume 1 has a lot of interesting things waiting for you to conquer. This time, you have to fight against a new enemy, the black ball square. Help Red Ball pass the puzzles in the game and stop the evil intentions of new enemies. Are you ready?

About game:

Red Ball 4 Volume 1, once again, will surprise you by its interest. Similar to previous seasons, you will interact with on-screen objects to help the Red Ball safely cross obstacles and roll to the destination. The game has a total of 15 levels with increasing difficulty. Of course, physical and timing factors are keys to helping you complete the challenges in this video game.

Before starting the game, you will see a short video to know the storyline of this game. You will see that Read Ball is angry. He is in a garden and his friend been turned into a square. There is a new enemy in this game, it's a black square Ball. He has a ball factory to turn red balls into square balls, including friends of the main character. The purpose of Black Ball is to turn the Earth from a circle into a square. So,Read Ball needs to prevent this danger. He needs to fight against the new enemy!

Cruel black square ball turns the Red Balls into unhappy blocks. In order to stop him, the Red Ball needs to pass 15 levels and destroy the ball factory. You will face familiar obstacles in the first levels and you will also have to overcome new obstacles at higher levels. Regarding control, you can only move left, right, and jump with limited height. You must think and interact with on-screen objects to create safe paths for red ball. With just a small mistake or a light touch on the obstacles, you will lose points.

In each level, you need to collect all the yellow stars to prove your skills. However, these stars are always in difficult positions and you must work hard to collect them all. Besides, you must avoid the aggressive black ball army. They want to steal your points and if you don't have points then you will die. Let me give you an interesting hint: you can kill these evil black balls by jumping on their heads or using objects on the screen to kill them. It could be a wooden box, a big stone, or anything that could crush them.

If you are ready to enter the game, just do it. If you want to know more about the levelinformation, below are the things you need. I will not talk too much about them but this information is also very interesting.

  • At level 1, you will have an easy time getting used to the gameplay of this great game.
  • At level 2, you will face big blocks.
  • At level 3, you will have to cross a pool.
  • At level 4, you will meet a table car.
  • At level 5, your challenge is steep.
  • At level 6, I think you won't want to face the rhino blocks.
  • At level 7, you must keep your balance well.
  • At level 8, maybe you will want to take a tour in the machine shop.
  • At level 9, this is really a hard level to test your abilities.
  • At level 10, what do you think about dissolution?
  • At level 11, Turbo is a new and exciting feature for you.
  • At level 12, we have prepared for you a mega table chair.
  • At level 13, get familiar with the grumpy blocks.
  • At level 14, we have the balance slides, do you like it?
  • At level 15, hmm, you will face... the Boss!Try to defeat him to complete this game. You have overcome 14 levels already, let's try a bit more!

In a level there will be small flags. They are your saved points in this online game. When you die, you will respawn at the nearest flag you have reached. Try to reach them and you won't waste a lot of effort every time you die. It is a very very bad feeling to play again when you have overcome almost all obstacles.There won't be any information about these achievements and you have to unlock them by playing the game.I have played this game many times but I still can't unlock all achievements. I can only unlock the first 2 achievements but I think you can do better than me.

Red Ball Game 4 Volume 1 gives you a pleasant feeling because of its fun and simple gameplay. The game uses cute 2D graphics and cool sound, suitable for everyone. You can play this game with your family during the weekends to relax. I think you should play this game with 2 players because it will be a lot more fun. In case you can't pass an obstacle in the game, watch our video walkthrough. You may find it a bit difficult to solve puzzles in this game. You can play the first part of Red Ball to become familiar with the gameplay of this game. Don't forget to turn on the sound and play with the full-screen game mode for a full gaming experience.Perhaps it's time for you to experience this exciting video game.Good luck and have fun!

Red Ball 4 Unblocked:

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How to play:

You use left/right arrow keys or A/D to move, W or Up key to jump, R to restart, P to pause, and Esc to quit.

Red Ball 4 - How to play

Control of Red Ball 4 Unblocked

Tips and tricks:

In Options, you can customize the music and the sound. You can also watch the movie of this game or reset the progress here.

Click on any object on the game screen you see to check their effects. You can create an action chain with the next turn.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How to beat?

I think you have to observe the terrain carefully. Any object on the game screen can help you overcome obstacles and roll to the target position. You must also timing accurately every time you want to do an action. Check-points will be effective positions every time you overcome an obstacle. You must also understand the movement of enemies on the screen to avoid them. If you still can't pass a level, check out the video walkthrough!

Red Ball 4 Walkthrough