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Red Ball 3

About game:

Red Ball 3 is a Platform, Red Ball and Physics video game. In the game, you are a Ball Controller, as your task is guiding the Red Ball to the Black Exit in every level. Red Ball 3 has two game modes, one is Timed, while the other is Practise. In the Practise mode, the game brings you a set of different challenges. You will be able to learn about the gameplay of Red Ball 3 in the Practise mode before you get to play in the Timed mode. Even when the Practise mode of Red Ball 3 causes no pressure to you, you still have to keep in mind that the game is giving you a chance to catch up with its spirit to surpass all the hard challenges.

In the game world of Red Ball 3, you will get to learn the rule of gravity, as the game requires you to manage the Red Ball and its motion. You will find Red Ball 3 exciting soon after you enter the game. Besides, Red Ball 3 enables the players to collect Awards while conquering any level of the game. You can check up on the Awards you have achieved at the title screen of the game.

Each Award in Red Ball 3 has a unique function that helps you a lot with your in-game performance. Are you interested in Red Ball 3 already? Let’s get to it now!

Red Ball 3 Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the arrow keys to work with the Red Ball.

Press the Space bar to restart any level.

Red Ball 3 - How to play

Control of Red Ball 3

Tips and tricks:

Each time you touch the red column, you lose time.

The game might be easier to conquer after you get to see the walkthrough video.

Red Ball 3 Walkthrough