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Red Ball


Welcome to Red Ball which is developed by Eugene Fedoseev and published by King. It is an exciting platform and puzzle video game. This game was the first season of the Red Ball series and it was introduced in 2008. This amazing game brings you 12 different levels with increasing difficulty. In this game, you control a cute Red Ball. You are trapped in a mysterious world. You have to overcome different obstacles. They are spikes, cars, terrain, and more. Each obstacle has its own characteristics and you have to make a lot of effort to pass a level! Try to complete all levels in Red Ball!

About game:

Red Ball is an online puzzle video game developed by Evgeniy Fedoseev in 2008. With 12 levels, you have to face various challenges and try to help the Red Ball roll to the position of the flag (destination position). You must use gravity and other physical elements to complete a level. I believe this is not an easy game. Although Red Ball has simple 2D graphics, its gameplay is very challenging. The game is very popular and there are many gamers who love it. So we have its next sessions, Red Ball 2 and Red Ball 3.

During the game, you must find a way to help the Red Ball pass gaps, spikes, dangerous balls, and giant moving axes. To overcome an obstacle, you must move, jump, and even remove some objects on the game screen. Timing is an important factor when you do an action. Take accurate timing and look at the Red Ball movement, paying attention to the distance between it and the obstacle ahead to make reasonable decisions.

There are small flags on the map. They are not target locations but they are save points. You need to touch them to have an advantage. If you die because of an incident, you will respawn at the nearest save point.

Red Ball is ... a ball, and it will roll and roll. However, you have to control the speed as well as the terrain to help it roll on roads or safe locations. If the Read Ball has a light touch on an obstacle, the game will end. It is very difficult because it does not allow any mistakes. You cannot continue the game at the location where you touch the obstacle, you can only play again from the nearest save point!

The platform and puzzle are two exciting elements in the Red Ball. During 12 levels, you have to timing accurately to roll through the giant axes. You have to jump to dodge spikes. In special levels, you must touch the buttons to disable the walls and create a safe path to roll to the destination. The game has simple graphics and cool sound; you can play it for hours without feeling tired. Moreover, this game will help you reduce stress after a tiring day.

Each level in Red Ball has different obstacles. If you are a player who likes challenges, you can enter the game now. If you are a newbie and want more information, I will provide some information about the obstacles in the first six levels:

  • Move and Jump is the first level you must conquer. In this level, you have to jump over a small gap. This is quite easy and it helps you become familiar with the movements of the Red Ball. Next, you will have to cross a wall. Try to jump over it again!
  • Funny Ball is the second level that you must conquer. In this level, you will face Ramp. Familiarize yourself with it because the Red Ball's speed will increase when rolling through this object. Next, you will have to jump skillfully to overcome Wrecking Ball, it is really a big challenge. And finally, you must be familiar with Moving Platform.
  • Lifts and Thorns are the third level of Red Ball that you must conquer. In this level, you can use lifts as platforms that lift you to a higher position. If you see Thorn, just avoid them. If you touch them, the Red Ball will be scattered into 8 small pieces and you will respawn at the nearest check point. Do you want this?
  • Axes is the fourth level in Red Ball that you must conquer. At this level, you face Compressors. It is a red and gray machine. It is very dangerous and it can destroy the Red Ball in a snap if you touch them. And you have to watch out for Mystery Falling Platform. They are obstacles that will fall when you touch them. But that's not all. Axes are the main danger you face. They move continuously and you have to timing accurately to pass them.
  • Jump! is the fifth level that you must conquer. If you see the Button, touch it to disable the wall. It is quite harmless but it will be in difficult places! And of course, there is always at least one obstacle for you. In this level, it is Catapult Jump. Click on the green button and a rock will fall on this object.
  • Springboards are the sixth level in Red Ball that you must conquer. In this level, you have to jump to pass Ramp and the 2nd Ramp. Try to move properly to pass Falling Platforms. You also have to timing accurately to turn Spinning Platforms into harmless platforms. And you have to use your reflexes to overcome the last obstacle - Springboards.

As I said above, with simple controls and nice graphics, Red Ball 1 will make you satisfied. However, if you cannot complete a level in this game for PC, please see our walkthrough video. Good luck and have fun!

Red Ball Unblocked:

Are you looking for Red Ball Unblocked? If so, just go to and play it for free! Here, we has a cool user interface so you will have a great gaming experience. With, you can play your favourite unblocked games at school, restaurant, office... Have fun!

How to play:

Use left/right arrow keys or A/D to move Red Ball. Use W or Up key to make Red Ball jump. Use R to restart the game. Use P to pause the game. And use Esc to quit.

Red Ball - How to play

Control of Red Ball Unblocked

Tips and tricks:

  • Axes always move in a certain trajectory. You must see this trajectory to overcome it!
  • Ramp will help the Red Ball accelerate. In some cases, this is the advantage for you.
  • When the rock falls on Catapult Jump, it will help you fly into the air.
  • Let's enjoy part 4 of this great game.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How to beat Red Ball Unblocked?

There are a total of 12 levels in the Red Ball Unblocked video game with different challenges. You need to move skillfully, timing accurately when jumping, and remove objects on the screen to help Red Ball roll to the target position. Complete all 12 levels and you'll win the game.

Note that you must learn carefully about the characteristics of each obstacle in Red Ball Unblocked!

Red Ball Walkthrough