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Raze 2

About Raze 2:

Raze 2 is a spectacular Shooter game from Juice Tin that you will just wish to play with a full screen mode because of its beautiful design and awesome effects.

Before entering the game, you are given 500 credits and are able to customize your Raze 2 by choosing a nickname and a skin for your character. There are totally 30 skin styles but only 2 of them are free. The other can be used by purchasing at the Armory. Raze 2’s Armory is like a small inventory for players to find and buy what they need for their games. It also shows you your achievements depending on your old matches and some kinds of upgrades you can apply to your soldier. Credits can be earned by completing games and killing your enemies.

There are 2 main playing modes for you to choose: The Campaign mode and the Quick Match mode. The Campaign provides 2 other main modes, which are the Human (Easy) and the Alien (Hard). In Campaign, you have to finish the stages one-by-one to unlock all of them. In Quick Match mode, you can customize your matches by choosing so many kinds of indexes, such as the number of enemies, the difficulty, kinds of weapons you want to use, etc. It’s such a freestyle playing mode for you.

Ready to be a galaxy soldier and take yourself into this marvellous battlefield! Take your chance at Raze 2 now and enjoy your journey!

Raze 2 Unblocked:

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How to play:

  • Arrow keys or WASD to move around.
  • Double jump to jump higher.
  • Move the mouse to aim.
  • Click to shoot.

Raze 2 - How to play

Control of Raze 2

Tips and tricks:

Pay attention to your blood bar. Try to get to the healing package and refill it whenever possible.

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Raze 2 Walkthrough