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Welcome to Raze which is developed by Addisonr and Juice-Tin. This is an awesome third-person shooter video game. Aliens have come to the Earth and they want to take over this world. In this game, you are an elite raider soldier. Teammates call you Raze and you must use your shooting skills to kill aliens and protect the Earth!

About Raze:

Raze brings you to the ultimate future. Before starting the game, you can create a unique character of your own thanks to the custom features of the game. With Raze, you are one of the best task force's soldiers and you will fight aliens through two game modes: campaign and deathmatch. The game brings you to a battle between Aliens and Human. With simple graphics and an interesting third perspective element, you won't feel uncomfortable playing Raze for a long time. The game gives you 2 choices: fight as the Raze soldier to protect the Earth or control an alien and destroy this world. Whether you are a soldier or an alien, you can still use a variety of weapons.

The Human team:

Raze provides a huge weapon system like Grenades, Rifles, Machine Guns, Sniper Guns. Each weapon will have different damage. Besides, you can jump, double jump, and speed up to get rid of dangerous situations. In campaign mode, you have a task list and an addictive storyline. If you choose Human team, you will control Raze. Raze's first task is to protect a factory (this is an important human’s place to produce energy). Next, Raze continued to participate in Virtual Reality training sessions with more difficult opponents. During this time, you will find that people also have military robots to serve in battles. They can defeat aliens easily. However, some robots are faulty and this is another Raze's mission. You have to help him complete it. In this mission, you will control the main robot prototype instead of Raze.

Aliens have special skills, one of which is turning dead people into zombies. The mission to destroy zombies will take place in a big city. This time, Raze must fight dangerous creatures with high damage, tankly, but not smart. At the last mission, humans discovered a space ship providing supplies for aliens. Raze will work with Urban Bot and Space Bot to do an important task: stealing these supplies. Although Urban Bot and Space Bot were defeated but Simmons’ group was sent to Raze's location to help you. Your enemies in this mission are zombie clones. And unfortunately, these aliens have used a special virus to turn people into zombies, except Raze. All members of the Human team have been turned into zombies. Raze is the only case that is not infected because he has the vaccine. But now Raze's former comrades no longer recognize him and they will attack Raze. Can you control Raze to kill all his comrades?

After this battle, Raze will have the opportunity to meet the leader of the alien team. This is the time for you to show off your fighting ability to end this Boss name. Use all your strength, all the weapons you have, and all your efforts to kill him. This is a Boss and he is very strong!

The Alien team:

If you control an alien, you will be called A.S. First of all, you, Grungir, and Thyolax (aliens) will arrive at a human base and try to destroy this place. This is the starting point for alien teams to establish a solid base for future missions. You will need to kill many enemies to gain control of this base.

In the second mission, you go to a city and try to kill the sleeping soldiers. Of course, you have to fight in a fierce battle. Now, your team need a power supply. You, Grungir and Holith will find ways to destroy the power of local people. Here, you fight Raze's army and try to usurp human energy. This is certainly not an easy task for you because humans have sent robotic prototypes to protect their energy source. These robots are very powerful and you will spend a lot of effort to destroy them.

On another mission, the alien team discovered that humans are transporting robotic prototypes on a cargo ship. A.S. and two aliens are sent to the ship's location to steal the box that contains the robot prototype. However, the box has a special effect and it rejects all aliens, except you. This can be one of the most difficult missions because you have to fight Raze's team alone. If you complete this mission, aliens can use robotic prototypes to create a medicine that turns dead bodies into zombies.

One of the rare missions (you control a zombie) is to chase and arrest Raze's commander. But that is impossible. After that, you must help the alien team defeat the modern human robots to control supplies. Human forces are strong and you must infect soldiers to become zombies. One of your strongest enemies is Johnson, a commander of the human team. He was infected with the virus and he was brought back to Earth for treatment. Johnson was not turned into a zombie thanks to the advanced medical technology of humans. And they started some special experiments with this elite soldier! Your last enemy is Johnson. He underwent an operation and his body was upgraded as Robo Johnson. This is the ultimate challenge for you!

Raze Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use WASD or Arrow keys to move your character, Space to jump (press twice for double jump), Left click to shoot, number 1-0 to select weapons, and P to pause the game Raze Unblocked.

Raze - How to play

Control of Raze Unblocked

Tips and tricks:

  • There are more than 20 different outfits for you to choose. Create a character you like.
  • The game has many levels but you must complete certain missions to unlock them.
  • On the map there will be many different weapons and you can pick them up to fight. Look for HP Kits when you are in low HP.
  • After completing a mission, you will have points to upgrade weapons and buy new weapons.
  • If you feel unable to pass a task, you can find instructions in the Walkthrough video!
  • If you have completed the campaign with an interesting plot, you can play in deathmatch mode and fight with other online players.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How to beat Raze Unblocked?

You need to destroy all enemies in the map to complete the mission. You have comrades but they are not a factor to decide the outcome of the battle. You must pick up powerful weapons on the map to kill enemies as quickly as possible. Once you qualify, upgrade your weapon.

Raze Walkthrough