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Rapunzel Tower

About game:

Rapunzel Tower is an awesome Platform video game which takes place in the magical world of Rapunzel, the iconic princess who grows her hair long enough to cover the stair of one tower. In Rapunzel Tower, you will take the role of Prince Flynn, who is in charge of saving Rapunzel’s life from the creepy tower. Unfortunately, Flynn cannot rely on Rapunzel’s hair as in the original story.
To make the game becomes more exciting and challenging, Rapunzel Tower only lets its player get to the top of the Tower where Rapunzel lives by throwing himself up using multiple eaves. While reaching Rapunzel’s place, Flynn has to collect combs. The comb works as a money currency in Rapunzel Tower. With the numbers of comb you collect, you can buy Upgrades for Flynn. The Upgrades can help Flynn performs ten times better in the game.

Talking about the challenges of Rapunzel Tower, we can immediately mention the ravens flying around. These uninvited guests can kill the prince after one touch. However, there are still some methods to prevent them from attacking you, but you need to discover all the techniques yourself. Rapunzel Tower is not only suitable for a player with an easy-going personality, but it is also for players who are seeking for something dreamy, magical and addictive. You will love Rapunzel Tower after the first time you play it. Now, let’s start your Adventure to where Rapunzel is being locked and save her from the dark magic of the witch!

Rapunzel Tower Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the arrow keys to control the moves of Flynn.

Rapunzel Tower - How to play

Control of Rapunzel Tower

Tips and tricks:

90% of players find “Survive One Hit” is the worthiest upgrade.
Always choose the direction which leads to an eave. You should not risk the life of Flynn at all costs.

Rapunzel Tower Walkthrough