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Rainbow Poop

About the game:

Rainbow Poop is a fun cartoon and platform game. The main character is shit, yes you didn't hear it wrong, a colorful shit. You will have to control this poop across the path to the toilet. The road is not easy at all.

There are many abysses or higher levels that force you to jump over. And you also need to avoid hitting toilet rolls that are scattered all the way. You know, toilet paper is your enemy. The game is simply that. There are four levels of play, round length, and difficulty will increase as you progress to the next level. If you need entertainment after hours of study or hard work, this game can be a useful solution for you.

Even if you are an adult or a child, you can play the game because it is so easy. So, are you ready to join in on the journey to find a toilet for the colorful poop? Let's play!

Rainbow Poop Unblocked:

When you have a connected computer, visit to have the best gaming time. The website will help you play Rainbow Poop Unblocked, and you don't need to worry about any issues around you.

Rainbow Poop is a good game to play and enjoy in free time. Besides that, you also can try other games such as Gravity GuyKing Of Thieves or Mini Dash. All of them are so great for relaxing.

How to play:

Move and jump by arrow keys

Rainbow Poop - How to play

Control of Rainbow Poop

Tips and tricks:

  • Help the rainbow poop live as long as possible
  • Do not play too long because this game has many sophisticated colors

Rainbow Poop Walkthrough