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Project GunGame

About Project GunGame:

Brought to you by CrazyGames, the Project GunGame is a high-quality platform game that supports Multiplayer, where the player could compete with other gamers from all over the world. By just spending 5 minutes to go through the Tutorial mode to learn some basic movements, you will be good to go! The Tutorial very straight to the points and let you know all the skills that you could perform while playing this game. In Project GunGame Unblocked, you can join the battle as a free player or pick you Clan and fight alongside with your teammate against other Clans.

In Project GunGame Unblocked, players will be able to name their character alongside with customizing them, upgrade weapons and other accessories. With the jetpack provided to you by default, the player will be able to fly while battling against each other but do remember that the jetpack will take some time to recover once it’s running out of fuel. Alongside with that, there is a special ability called Edit Mode that allows players to create extra platforms for them to reach higher and higher, create more strategies to beat the enemies.  The more enemies that youhave defeated, the more experience points you will gain and this is where you will be able to upgrade your character’s weapon and unlock new skills.

Project GunGame Unblocked:

You could either play Project GunGame Unblocked at Nowadays, there are many great gaming sites. But the only difference between them is has a list of very interesting unblocked games that players could play at any place and any time they prefer, without being blocked by the network policy. Just give it a try!

How to play:

  • Use W, A, S, D to perform basic movements and fly up with your jetpack.
  • Press R key to reload your gun.
  • Press E to enter Edit mode where you could create your extra platforms to jump in.
  • Hit Enter key to open the chat box with other players while playing this game.
  • Hit Tab key to open the Scoreboard.

Project GunGame - How to play

Control of Project GunGame

Tips and tricks:

Some in-game platforms could be destroyed by shooting at them. This very useful when your enemy is hiding behind them.
Once you’ve created a platform, you could take it back by clicking on it again.

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Project GunGame Walkthrough