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About the game:

Primary is a classic action game by Jacksmack. In this game, you will have to control a character named Roy to climb to the top of the tower to fight the Void force. This is the force that always wants to invade and erase the world of humankind.

On the journey to climb to the top of the tower, Roy will encounter numerous difficulties and challenges. This character has a unique ability to change the color of the body to be able to reach many different areas. Roy also has many different skills and abilities that will assist him in completing tasks quickly and easily. After going through all the difficult challenges and reaching the top of the tower, Roy will be able to unlock more functions like the ability to create portals and teleport from place to place.

The context of the game is a building. Roy will have to move through the floors to reach the top of the tower. Pay attention to the timer at the bottom of the screen because this game will require you to complete the task for a certain amount of time. Practice and manipulate very quickly to be able to win this game!

Primary Unblocked:

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How to play:

  • Press W to jump, A and D move left and right
  • Press S to be invisible, press J, K, L or clicking the screen to change the color of your body
  • Use Spacebar to change the operations for each ability.
  • Press R to flip switches and open doorways

Primary - How to play

Control of Primary

Tips and Tricks:

  • Watch carefully the obstacles you are about to face and then find the best strategy to win this game.
  • Practice and get familiar with game manipulation so that you can easily overcome all the challenges of this game.

Primary Walkthrough