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Pretentious Game


Pretentious is an exciting tactical arcade game which was developed by Keybol. Your mission in this game is to control the blue square to pass the obstacles and touch the pink block. You will perform this task to match a pair of color blocks that love each other. This is a pretty simple game about relationships but shows excellent content and ability to attract players around the world. This is the first version of a series of games with similar content. This early version marked a great success and motivated the game makers to design new and more interesting versions.

About the game:

Pretentious is considered one of the most successful games on online gaming platforms, although the game's manipulation and graphics are not really impressive. However, when playing this game, the players will be moved by the love and the relationships among the characters. This is what makes the attraction of this game.

There are some characters in the game. Let's imagine that the little blocks you control in this pixellated world are different people in real life. There are four main kinds of the block with the special features in this game. A blue one that deals with a breakup, a pink one that deals with heartbreak, an orange one that deals with isolation, and a grey one that deals with drunkenness. The burning point when you take part in this game: this is a story about a complex relationship. It just occurs to be told by pushing 'left', 'right', and 'jump' to get a brick through a puzzle.

It's an intelligent representation of the continual puzzle. When participating in this game, you will have to think and answer a lot of complicated questions. How do you know other people's thoughts? What is the right time to read their thoughts? Should you focus on personal emotional goals by taking advantage of others, or should you behave in the right way? This is not simply a strategy game but also a lesson about how to treat your social relationships, especially relationships about love.

The challenges you will face may be the spikes or blocks of rock along the way.  These challenges can appear anywhere during your love journey. Therefore, you will have to be very skillful to overcome all these challenges. Remember, when you pass low levels and unlock higher missions, the difficulty of the challenge will increase. That means you will have to spend a lot of enthusiasm and build a good strategy to conquer the other half of your life.

So, you will have to move very skillfully by jumping over the platforms or obstacles to complete the task. Note that when you touch the red triangles or fall off the edge, you will lose and have to restart the level that you are playing — this game unlimited your replay times. So when you don't need to worry about falling or losing at a particular challenge, because you absolutely can immediately play again and become smarter.

This game requires patience and observation ability of the player. So when you shouldn't be too rushed, slowly conquer all the challenges of this game. Success will come to you when you have enough patience and will.

This game is designed with simple graphics and romantic sounds. The space of this game is wholly white and monochrome backgrounds. How to set up obstacles and game layout is minimalistic. It can be seen that this is a play game without much investment in images. But in return, it has good content, and the rules of the game are quite exciting and interesting.

This is a game about love so that the music will be romantic and gentle. Therefore, this is a game suitable for those who love that lightness and sophistication. According to a recent survey, more than 70% of players with Pretentious feel touched and they love this game. There are some players even cry when playing this game because they feel the love of virtual characters in the game. This proves the appeal of the game to players worldwide. Why don't you play this game once to experience different emotions? It will definitely be a memorable experience!

There are a lot of levels for you to explore and conquer in this game. The higher the level, the harder the difficulty will be, and you need to be patient and skillful to conquer this game. In the first level, you will gradually become familiar with the game's manipulation through simple and easy challenges. However, when you play higher levels, you will gradually feel the difficulty of this game. Challenges at high levels will be set up randomly and varied. Therefore, players will have to be very agile and skillful to find out how to overcome all obstacles of this object.

The developers do not expect players to easily pass all the levels because they believe the game must have the challenge to be interesting. So this will be a challenge for each player, be patient, and never give up! Let's play and experience!

Pretentious Unblocked:

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How to play:

  • The operation of this game is extremely simple. So anyone can try this game:
  • Use the arrow keys to move the blue block to the left, to the right, up or down.
  • Use the mouse to clear the block on the road and the other obstacles.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Observe the layout of each level to find the best strategy to help the blue block quickly reach the pink block.
  • Observe the other characters in the level that you are playing to decide how to treat them and interact with them appropriately.
  • Do not ignore any items that appear on your way, because that may be the key to help you quickly conquer the challenges of this game.
  • Practice before playing to get used to the game manipulation and quickly conquer this game.

Frequently Asked Questions:

- How to move the character smartly?

  • Use the arrow keys skillfully at the same time to help the character to perform a combined jump and run operations. This flexible movement will help him quickly conquer challenges without spending too much time.
  • This game requires players to use both keyboard and mouse. So you need to manipulate quickly and coordinate well the functions of both tools to control characters to move skillfully and precisely.
  • The way you play this game will show your personality and real life. So be kind and courageous.
  • And finally, turn on the computer and visit our website to experience this exciting and meaningful game. Have fun!

Pretentious Game Walkthrough