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Plazma Burst 2


Welcome to Plazma Burst 2 which is developed by Eric Gurt. This is an exciting third-person shooter flash game that was released on March 10, 2011. This is the second instalment in the famous Plazma Burst series. Proxy is the new main character in this game. The context of the game is the events that take place after Marine leaves the Falkonian ship, and teammates think he will die. Once again, you control the main character and fight against a mysterious alien race.

About game:

Plazma Burst 2 brings you to a post-apocalyptic world, where Human is fighting against many different forces, including a mysterious alien race. You must fight and try to survive through these wars. The game gives you three main characters to control:

Marine - The hero of the entire Plazma Burst series. He is quite cool and he rarely speaks. Marine only talks to Noir Lime and Proxy after you've completed some easy levels of the game. He can use a variety of weapons, from artificial weapons to weapons that come from alien races.

Noir Lime – Marine's trusted partner in PB2. Through the first missions, you will meet this guy and you can control him. He is a close friend of Marine and Proxy. In this game, Noir Lime's weapon is Minigun C-02m. Maybe SMG is no longer suitable for him!

Proxy - The only female hero in this game. She is a member of Marine's team. Near the end of the campaign, Proxy will cooperate with Marine and Noir Lime to enter difficult missions.

Main Characters in Plazma Burst 2

Main Characters in Plazma Burst 2

Next, we will learn about the races in Plazma Burst 2. There are many interesting races and they have different shapes, weapons, as well as skills.

Human is one of the familiar races in this game. The main characters and villains in the first part of this series are humans. There have been many battles and human is also the most popular enemy in the game.

The second race in this game is an alien race. They are strong and aggressive, you can call them the Falkoks. They have a base on an anonymous planet in the first game. They attacked the Earth with the goal of turning people into slaves. Team Falkok was appearing in the first game on a strange planet, but at that time they were still a human friend. You need to find out the reason for this attack. Some rumors suggest that their planet is gone and they want to take over Earth as a new home.

Next, you will face Android. This is your new enemy in Plazma Burst 2. They are a mechanical race and they hate humans very much. Android has many advanced weapons, typically Railgun and Rocket Launchers. The Android you face in quests is very interesting and they are very smart. While Android SLC-56 moves quickly, Android T-01187 looks like a human. During the game, you have to fight on many battlefields and you will meet many different enemies. Besides Android, you will have to fight against Civil Security and Usurpations.

Talk about the vehicle system, we have ground vehicles and aircrafts. You can use Hound Walker-CS, Mobile rO81-CS or Corvette and Drone. In terms of weapons, your characters can use pistols, shotguns, rifles, explosives, grenades, or energy weapons.

Plazma Burst 2 gives you a campaign with 42 different levels. Each level has missions with increasing difficulty. You can also experience this game in Multiplayer with 3 game modes: Deathmatch, Cooperative, and Team Deathmatch. If you want to create a level to challenge your friends or relatives, use the Editors.

One of the functions I like most in this third-person shooter game is character customization. You can customize the hero through items and features in the Device Store. When you have a new item, the soldier's appearance will change. This is really cool and exciting.

The achievement system of Plazma Burst 2 gives you 23 achievements. First, you will receive simple tasks and after you get used to the gameplay of this game, you will have to complete more difficult tasks.

In this second part, the game has some changes:

Kinetic Modules and Warp Time are new possibilities. Experience them!

There are more than 25 weapons and some of them are new. Each weapon has different strengths and weaknesses. Find the right weapons to maximize the fighting ability of the main character.

Weapons in Plazma Burst 2

Weapons in Plazma Burst 2

In Setting, there are many new options to customize game performance that you can use before you enter the battlefield.

With beautiful 2D graphics, cool sound, and awesome effects, this third-person shooter online game “Plazma Burst 2” really pleased the fans of shooter video games. Give it a try!

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How to play:     

Use AD or left/right arrow to move, W or up arrow to jump, S or down arrow to duck, E to use item, Z to use time warp, X to fall, C to enter kinetic module, Arrow keys to change weapon, and G to throw grenade.

Plazma Burst 2 - How to play

Control of Plazma Burst 2 Unblocked

Tips and tricks:

  • Each weapon in the game has a different sound.
  • In this section, you fight on Earth and each level has 4 difficulty levels.
  • In some special cases (in the campaign), android is your ally.
  • In Plazma Burst: Forward to the Past, you met Grub. Do not confuse because they are not android. Actually, Grub is cyborg.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How to beat?

Enter the Campaign and complete all levels.

How to fly?

Use weapons with fast firing speed and take advantage of the jerks from guns to fly up. To fly, you have to jump up, press the 'X' button and use your gun to shoot the ground. Minigun, M4A1, Plasmagun, and Ray rifle are weapons that can help you fly easily.

In low gravity terrain, you can use a heavy fire gun to fly higher. Rocket-jumping, grenade-jumping, BNG-jumping can help you fly.

You can also run, jump, hold the X button and left mouse button (nothing equipped) to fly at tremendous speeds.

How to make a dark background?

You can think of fake doors (doors with negative dimensions). You may feel a bit laggy.

How to throw a grenade?

First, you need to equip a grenade. Then, click the G button to throw it.

How to do wall jump?

When you run towards the wall: a second before you touch it, release the run button and hold the jump button. Try to hold the jump button until you cross the wall. If you stop the wall jump skill when you are not in a safe position, you may die from falling too high.

Which weapons are better?

You can try Alien Shotgun because it has good penetration, good DPS, and it's very accurate. Or you can use the pistol-c01p because of its speed and accuracy. If you want a cool gun, use CS-BNG! However, each weapon has its strengths and weaknesses. No gun is the strongest and no gun is the weakest. A powerful gun is a gun that fits your strategy and skills.

Plazma Burst 2 Walkthrough