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Plazma Burst

About Game:

Plazma Burst, also called Plazma Burst Forward To The Past, is a thrilling platform game. In this fictional game, you play the role of a warrior, whose home planet has been completely ruined. With a comrade, you went back to the past with an effort to fix it all. Unfortunately, there must have been some calculating errors with the time machine: you arrived at the right time, yet not the right destination. The worse thing was that you, your comrade and appliances scattered on this planet. Now you have to go find your friend and fly back to continue your mission to save the world.

The journey to your friend will be extremely difficult as this planet is full of armed aliens that will kill you immediately if they see you. Use your plasma gun to attack them and avoid being shot at the same time. Losing all your health point and your game will be over.

As you survive the first level of Plazma Burst, you will unlock the second with harder enemies to cope with. There are plenty of game levels waiting for you to experience. As you go further in the game, remember to upgrade your gun in the weapon store!

Plazma Burst Unblocked:

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How to play:

  • Use mouse to aim and shoot.
  • Use WASD to move.
  • Use 0-9 to change weapon.
  • Use E to use switches and door panels.
  • Use G to throw grenade.
  • Use Space for a quick restart.
  • Use P to pause game.

Plazma Burst - how to play

Control of Plazma Burst

Tips and Tricks:

  • The blue plus sign will help you gain back some heath points.
  • Playing in full screen will give you better gaming experience!
  • If you have any difficulties when playing, below is a walkthrough video that may help!

Thousands of gamers on Hudgames have voted for Plazma Burst to be one of the most addictive game. Three other names that are also adored include Plazma Burst 2Thing Thing Arena Classic and Iron Knight.

Plazma Burst Walkthrough