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Pixel Quest

About the Game:

Pixel Quest Unblocked is a web-based Platform game that was designed in a unique pixel style. In this game, you will meet Rex, a treasure hunter who loves adventures and want to retrieve all treasures from the lost temple called The Golden Frog Idols.

There are 40 stages in total but split into 3 main Chapters. The first chapter is Available by default with 05 tutorial stages that will give you a quick introduction on how to control Max properly. The other 02 chapters you will have to Unlock them by collecting a special item (Idols) on every stage of the First chapter. With 24 Idols collected, you will be able to Unlock Chapter 2; and to Unlock Chapter 03 you will need to collect 72 Idols in total.

In Pixel Quest Unblocked, the player will face a lot of obstacles along the way, from lava pits to falling ceilings, spikes, and traps. Don’t worry, you won’t be alone on this journey as you have an assistant who will always give you advises and tips, which is Professor Watts. Try your best to pass them and the greatest reward is waiting for you in the end. Let’s play now and share with us your thought!

Pixel Quest Unblocked: is another website that you could play Pixel Quest Unblocked and explore other Unblocked titles when you are in the office or at school.

How to play:

  • Jump: W, Up Arrow key.
  • Move Right: D, Right Arrow key.
  • Move Left: A, Left Arrow key.
  • Duck: S, Down Arrow key.
  • Dash: L, Z.

Pixel Quest - How to play

Control of Pixel Quest

Tips and tricks:

This game recorded all of your activities; from the number of Idols you’ve collected to Percent Complete to How you got killed. Just head to Stats option at the Main Menu.

Max could perform a double jump and dash at the same time. This is a very useful move, try to learn and master it.

Pixel Quest is a good game to play and enjoy in free time. Besides that, you also can try other games such as Bad Ice CreamNight Lights or Red Warrior. All of them are so great for relaxing.

Pixel Quest Walkthrough