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About game:

Phoenotopia is the first season of the popular video game Pheonotopia 2. If you spend time reading the entire intro of Phoenotopia, you will understand the history of the story in the game. However, this Platform, RPG, and Adventure video game capture the story of one fictional apocalypse, which means you will have the chance to explore the fantastic supernatural elements.

At the opening of the video game, we meet the female protagonist, whose name is Gale. You are going to control throughout the entire gameplay of Phoenotopia. Your overall mission is exploring the game world through the perspective of the female protagonist, as the game allows you to travel around and speak to the non-playable-characters. It seems like the villagers from the farming town where Gale lives have been captured for such a long time, which leads to the game’s task. You have to figure out what is going on around the town, as well as accomplish the quest of finding and releasing the captured villagers.

Every stage in Phoenotopia requires the player to solve it by using the clues they get. Besides, the game world of Phoenotopia is designed with great efforts. You will love this video game from the first time you play it. Let’s step in the world of Phoenotopia now!

Phoenotopia Unblocked:

True as it is, Phoenotopia Unblocked is now available at for anyone to come and play without paying an unreasonable fee. All you need is spending sometimes and check up on this video game at Besides, you can also try many other amazing video games after you finish playing Phoenotopia Unblocked. Have fun!

Phoenotopia has become the classic game on Hudgames along with Once Upon A Coma , The Dark One and Adventure Island. All of them are strongly recommended by the editors.

How to play:

  • Use the arrow keys to move Gale.
  • Press the Z button to interact with other characters.

phoenotopia - How to play

Control of Phoenotopia

Tips and tricks:

  • You will need to watch a walkthrough video when you find it difficult to move or make any tough decision.
  • Never neglect any character you see along with your way. Try your best to speak to anyone you see.