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Pause Ahead

About the game:

Pause Ahead is an extremely fun and exciting strategy game. The main character of this game is an unfortunate guy. He wakes up in the morning and everything has changed, become a whole new world. He must run ahead incessantly to overcome all the obstacles. If he stopped, that would mean his death.

On this fierce race, the characters will face many tough challenges. These are deadly spikes or rotating saw blades. If the man touches them, he will burn. The special thing is that you can only complete one level in a certain time. Therefore, manipulating the game quickly and skillfully to help the character to complete the task at the right time. If you cannot complete the job within the time allowed, the character will explode, and the game will end.

The game has many levels for you to explore. In each level, the setup of the game will be different and the higher the level, the harder this game will be. Pause Ahead is designed with the vivid graphics and attractive sound. Let’s play and experience Pause Ahead!

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How to play:

  • Press left and right arrows to run.
  • Use up arrow or space to jump.
  • Use Shift or C to pause the game.

Pause Ahead - How to play

Control of Pause Ahead

Tips and Tricks:

  • Observe the obstacles on your way to find the best strategy to overcome them.
  • Practice before playing to get used to how to control the characters and quickly conquer all levels of this game.

Pause Ahead Walkthrough