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Party Hard

About the game:

What kind of game do you often play? Well, maybe puzzle, cooking game, fashion game, etc. How about making a difference? Party Hard is one of your choices. The character in this cool platform game just wants a little peace for himself. He hates the noise of music in the nightclub so he decided to assassinate everyone in the club. However, he must do it quietly and fast if he doesn’t want the police to know. Try your best to get all the people inside the club.

It is vital for you to move to other places after having a kill. Party Hard is a challenge for you. You not only have to kill as many people as you can but also pay attention to others in order that they have no idea that you are the killer. What an interesting game! This game is much greater than I expected.

There are two scenes in this game. The second level is harder than the first one. Be careful! Otherwise, the soundtrack and graphic are designed well which make the player feel attracted. These are the strong points of the game that lots of people want to play many times.

Party Hard Unblocked:

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How to play:

To move the character, you use arrow keys. Press Spacebar to stab someone.

Party Hard - How to play

Control of Party Hard

Tips and tricks:

  • You should kill someone who stands alone unless you want to lose the game.
  • After killing someone, you should leave for the scene or you will be arrested. As a result, the game ends.
  • You can use some objects like indirect ways to kill someone and press E to do it.

Party Hard Walkthrough