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Papa louie 3

About game :

Papa Louie 3, the third sequel of the Papa Louie series, continues to be an incredible platform game of Flipline studio. In this action game, you will play the role of Captain Cori, exploring your way through the Munchmore's terrain.

On your journey, you will encounter many lovely sweets, though do not let them fool you, they aren't sweet like their appearance. These sugary candies of the Radly's wild army have captured other members of your crew and detained them at different spots on the terrain, guarding strictly by the horrible Sundaesauruses. Now, all by yourself, battle your way to save your friends and get back to your ship!

The key feature that makes Papa Louie 3 fun is the variety of playable characters. As you save a customer, you can choose him/her to go for the next rescue. Every character has his/her own special weapons and skills needed for certain terrains. For instance, you need Swim Boost skill to deal with the fast currents in the game, or the Double Jump skill to get to high spots. While you are on your way to your friends' locations, remember to finish other missions to achieve an even higher score!

If you love this thrilling food adventure, then try out the prequels Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack and papa louie 2 radley madish. Have fun!

Papa Louie 3 Unblocked :

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How to play :

Use the arrow keys to control your character.

Press Space bar to attack the baddies.

Papa louie 3 - How to play

Control of Papa louie 3

Tips and tricks :

All of the baddies found underwater (except Cherry Mines) can be overcome by any character with the Swim Boost skill.

Check out the inventory bar to see how many missions you have accomplished so far.

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Papa louie 3 Walkthrough