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Papa louie


Welcome to Papa Louie Unblocked which is developed by Flipline Studios. This is a cool action adventure online video game. In this platform video game, you control a character called Papa Louie. He is an Italian chef. He sells pizza and his pizza is very delicious. When Papa Louie was holding a party, the Infionous Onion Ring (villain) was enchanted on the pizzas. Pizzas turn into Pizza monsters. These monsters kidnapped all of Papa Louie's cute customers. You must control Papa Louie and rescue all customers in new lands.

About game:

Papa Louie is a genius chef and his pizza is very delicious (you will control this character). Papa Louie's customers were very crowded and they were willing to try any dish Papa Louie cooked. Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack! (or you can call it Papa Louie 1) is the first part in the Papa Louie series (the next game is Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack !, and Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack!). This first video game was released in 2006. It consists of 4 different worlds, with each world containing 3 stages.

When Papa Louie was preparing free pizza for his customers at Papa's Pizza restaurant (his restaurant), the villain named Infionous Onion Ring appeared. He cast magic into the pizzas and they turn into pizza monsters. Because there is a piece of paper on the restaurant window with "Pizza free for everyone - Only today!", customers at this restaurant are very crowded. And the monsters kidnapped everyone in seconds!

One of the pizza boxes on the hands of Roy (Papa Louie's nephew) turned into a whirlwind. Papa Louie and Roy jumped into this whirlwind and they appeared in a mysterious land. In this mysterious land, Papa Louie saw a universe of pizza ingredients, including cheese and tomato sauce. Papa Louie's mission is to overcome complex terrain, kill all monsters along the way, and rescue all his customers. Once Papa Louie gathers all the keys (through rescuing customers), he will have a match with boss named Sarge.

Interesting point in this game is that whenever Papa Louie saves a customer, he will have a special gift. When Papa Louie saved the first customer named Big Pauly (the character next to Papa Louie's restaurant), he gave Papa Louie the bombs. They are weapons that can be used to attack Pizza Monsters.

Attack is one of Papa Louie's complicated but useful skills. First, you have to press "Z" to attack and kill monsters by hand. The second, if you press the "Z" button and hold it for a few seconds, Papa Louie will prepare for a powerful attack that can take down any dangerous enemies. When Papa was preparing for the "Z" shot, his speed would be slower than the average speed. With the pepper bombs Papa Louie was given at the first levels, you can press the "X" button to throw them. When you use the pepper bomb, it can kill Pizza Monsters. This is a very important weapon and I recommend using it effectively. Don't waste these bombs!

Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack! has four different worlds and each world has three cool levels. All four worlds have different terrains and challenges in the 12 levels are also different. In the first world, Papa Louie had to work with pizza ingredients. In the second world, Papa Louie will fight in the pasta forest. In the third world, Papa Louie will fight in the city of tomato sauce. And in the final world, it was an extremely dangerous place. When you complete all three levels in the Fourth World, Papa Louie will enter the final match with the final Boss. This Boss is the strongest villain of all Papa Louie's adventures.

When you entered the game, Papa Louie had 5 lives and an HP bar. When Papa Louie is attacked by an enemy or he touches an obstacle (a rolling kick), his "life" is lost. If all "lives” are lost, Papa Louie will faint and he will return to Earth. However, He will continue to fight as long as you have enough perseverance. This game for PC does not have any punishment for you when you die.

In each map, Pizza Monsters are a strong enemy type and their numbers are few. To pass a level, you must turn all Pizza Monsters into the normal pizza boxes. Then you control Papa Louie and bring all these pizza boxes back to Earth. After completing a level, you will get the key to unlock the next level. The customers he rescues will give him the key..

On the way, you will see gold coins. Please collect all gold coins to get a high score. You can use these gold coins to buy a pepper bomb from Big Pauly, a bomb worth 10 gold coins.

In the last scene, after Papa Louie defeated the "Sarge" Boss, all pizzas monsters returned to normal. After that, Papa Louie continued his work. He gave free pizza to every customer he saved at his restaurant. At the last moment, Papa Louie ate a pizza and the screen showed a "Thank you for playing!" Have a good day!

Papa Louie Unblocked:

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How to play:     

Use left and right arrow keys to move, space-bar to jump, up/down arrow key to climb up/down, Z to hit enemies, and X to throw bombs.

In each adventure, Papa Louie will face pizza monsters. You can control Papa Louie and do actions like walking, jumping, hitting, and surfing. You use the left and right arrow keys to walk. Use Spacebar to help Papa Louie jump. When Papa is in midair, press the Spacebar once more time and he will start surfing. In some special cases, you are required to surf to collect rare items because they are always in difficult positions.

Papa louie - How to play

Control of Papa Louie Unblocked

Tips and tricks:

  • Every pepper bomb that the shopkeeper gave Papa Louie was worth 10 gold coins. Try to use it effectively. I think you should only use them to turn pizza monsters into pizza boxes because you don't have any other way to kill them.
  • In order to make Papa Louie run, you have to press the scroll button in a fast, continuous direction many times. You should use this technique to save time and escape from dangerous situations.
  • You cannot kill Pizza Monsters by hand. You can only use pepper bombs to find them into pizza boxes.
  • Sometimes, you can collect pepper bombs along the way. And if you see a gold coin, collect it to buy a bomb in the shop.

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Papa louie Walkthrough