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Out of step

About game:

Out of step is a running game created by the LEGO Company. You will control a Gray Wolf and help him go as far as possible. Your adventure is endless and you only stop when you cannot find the way to move on. Along the way, there will have many obstacles. You have three support Lego options to choose to pass these obstacles: lego bricks, jump pads, and lego blocks. Each item owns a different function to help you solve the problem.

  • Lego bricks: use to build stair and platform.
  • Jump pads: Use to make a jump and get to a higher place.
  • Lego block: use to destroy all the obstacle on the way.

Do not forget to collect gold coins on the way to unlock new items in the game. Yellow bricks will help you gain more energy so that you will not drop dead on your way to the next level. Let’s challenge your limit and make the highest score in this game. Good luck!

Out of step Unblocked:

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How to play

  • Use the mouse to navigate the Gray Wolf.
  • Click left mouse button to select three lego options and place lego on the way.

Out of step - How to play

Control of Out of step

Tips and trick:

  • To get across a gap, you should make a bridge by lego bricks.
  • When something blocks your way, use lego blocks to smash it.

Out of step Walkthrough