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Once Upon A Coma

About game:

Once Upon A Coma is a Fantasy, Dark-themed and Adventure video game. The game introduces you to the story of the male protagonist, whose name is Pete. After waking up from the most extended sleep of his entire life so far, Pete finds everything around him strange. It seems like the world isn’t the same as it used to be for Pete, regardless of the disappearance of his beloved sister.
You will take the role of Pete and try your best to uncover the mysteriousness lying under cover of the dark city where Pete lives. Once Upon A Coma allows you to control Pete and perform multiple actions such as jump, run and walk, etc. Although this video game is all about Pete’s Adventure, sometimes you will have to use your brain to solve the puzzles that the game offers. Alongside with the physical strength, Pete also needs to active his mental power.
There are various places for Pete to go to around the city, such as his house, the bakery and more. In any area where Pete goes through, he will see many pieces of evidence that need to be collected. These evidence does not only help you to solve the Puzzles within the game but also reveal more about the storyline of Once Upon A Coma. Are you ready to be the number one Adventurer in this video game? Have fun now!

Once Upon A Coma Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the arrow keys to make Pete move around the game world.

Once Upon A Coma - How to play

Control of Once Upon A Coma

Tips and tricks:

Anything you see around the game world can be a crucial leading to your success. Don’t miss anything out!
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Once Upon A Coma Walkthrough