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Not Alone

About game:

Not Alone is a Platform, Adventure, and Action video game. This video game centers on Dummy, a clueless guy who is exploring several laboratories. You will take the role of Dummy, as you have to control him and travel through the game world using a second person perspective. The tasks that Dummy carries is quite clear, as he has to face up some deadly creatures, push boxes, and be on time.

The game divides itself into several stages with the level of difficulty increases exponentially. In detail, you will be able to surpass the first two levels easily, as they are just the welcoming levels. After the second level of Not Alone, the game starts to bring in a deadly obstacle, which is a poisonous spider. If Dummy touches one obstacle, he will die. The death of the protagonist leads to the appearance of his clones. These clones appear right where Dummy is, and they try to copy everything that Dummy can do. However, the clones are dumber than Dummy, so you might probably see them kill themselves in unreasonable situations.

In some cases, we may see the clones help Dummy, but most of the time, they become obstacles that mess your mind up while you are trying to locate the original Dummy. Not Alone is quite fun to enjoy as you have to run against time as well. There are plenty of elements that you will have the chance to experience in the further level of the game. Are you looking forward to it?

Not Alone Unblocked:

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We can't deny that Not Alone is really an excellent game. However, in addition to it, VVVVVVMr Potato and Nyan Cat Lost In Space are also excellent names.

How to Play:

  • Press A and D to move.
  • Press W to jump.


Not Alone - How to play

Control of Not Alone

Tips and tricks:

The easiest way to recognize the original Dummy is leaving the keyboard for one second and noticing the character that is not moving.
The fewer Dummies in one stage, the quicker the problem is solved.