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Ninja Run

About the game:

Ninja Run is an attractive and exciting racing adventure game. In this game, you will have to control the Ninja to run and pass all the obstacles to get as many coins as possible. The coins will be scattered throughout the path that the Ninja runs through. However, in order to reach the coins, the Ninja will have to overcome dangerous traps like slow-firing bombs that can kill him, or the deep holes that will make him drown.

This game requires skillful and quick control of the player as well as the ability to observe the game’s map. If you're frantic in controlling the Ninja, he will jump into the sea or touch a bomb, and that's the game over. This game is not divided into levels, but there is only one round. The longer the players can run, the more coins they will earn, and the higher their score will be.

The manipulation is straightforward, and anyone can join this game. The graphics of the game are very lively with the context changing over each step, creating an attraction for Ninja Run.

Ninja Run Unblocked:

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Ninja Run is a recommended game by Hudgames editors along with Tunnel RushSlope Tunnel and G-Switch 3.

How to play:

Operation of this game is extremely simple. The ninja will run continuously, and your job is to click the left mouse button to let this character jump over obstacles and touch the coins.

Ninja Run - How to play

Control of Ninja Run

Tips and tricks:

  • Ninja Run is a game with simple manipulation that anyone can play. However, it requires ingenuity and observation of the player to not to miss a single coin.
  • Practice before playing to get familiar with game manipulation and easily conquer Ninja Run!