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Night Terror

About Night Terror:

Night Terror, like its name, is a horror racing game type. You, the main character, are strolling through the dark with a hand flashlight. With what’s on your hand, you accidentally flash it at a gigantic, terrifying creature and it started to chase after you.

The main point of the game starts here: you have to run as far as possible from the creature while dodging obstacles and jumping over cliffs to cliffs. Sometimes you’ll encounter floating lights, and collecting those will help you to emulate a super lighting effect which kind of light up the whole scene for a few seconds and then gone.

Besides that, each floating light will add to your total score as well. You have to keep jumping through holes while running against the monster and there will be blocks that slow you down, so you can either push them through or just jump on them. The choice is yours.

Besides intriguing gameplay and terrifyingly good visuals animation, Night Terror also has an amazing theme to brighten up your experience. Try the game out now!

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How to play:

  • Use mouse to navigate where to point your flashlight
  • Use left mouse click to jump

Tips and tricks:

  1. Point your flashlight at the monsters to make it go slower
  2. Obtain as many floating lights as you can