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Night Lights

About game:

Night Lights is a Platform, Adventure, Adorable, and Puzzle video game. The game tells you the story about a guy whose mission is surpassing the nights alone. Taking the role of the protagonist, you will have to make your way through several levels of the game.

One cool thing about Night Lights is the appearance of the magical Lights that turn one thing into another. If the protagonist wants to surpass the nights, he must take advantages of the Lights and try not to be killed by any obstacle. The game world of Night Lights is beautiful as imagines a city in the middle of the night. To accomplish one level of Night Lights, you will have to go from the starting point to the exit door.

The game allows the protagonist to walk and jump. Although the protagonist can’t make an effective jump, he can rely on objects such as boxes and ladders to help him reach higher places. Let’s not forget that Night Lights is also a Puzzle video game, which means that it offers you multiple Puzzles to solve within a level of the game. For example, you will have to work your brain out to know what you need to do to make things work. If you are a problem maker, you will learn how to deal with Night Lights' Puzzles even quicker than you think. Are you ready to try Night Lights now? Let’s get to it!

Night Lights Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the arrow keys to control the protagonist.

Press the letter keys when you are required.

Tips and tricks:

You don’t need to rush to the Exit gate.

If one level is too difficult, you may need to watch a walkthrough video to find ways to get through that level.

Night Lights Walkthrough