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About the game:

Nelly is a game in the exploratory and thrilling category, which is issued by BigDino. In this game, the main character is a little girl - Nelly. In an evening, she went out to catch butterflies and then, unfortunately, she got lost to a strange place.

Your mission is to help her overcome the challenge and find her way home. There are 7 chapters, each chapter will have different challenges. You can control the girl with the arrow keys on the keyboard, hold "space" for her to push the box. She will have different spells in each round, press "a" to use them. She will have to pass the challenge and get the key to open 7 doors, corresponding to 7 chapters.

You will encounter obstacles like monsters or spikes, be careful. This game also needs a bit of tactic to find out how magic will be used correctly. Let’s play!

Nelly Unblocked:

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How to play:

  • Using the arrow keys to move and jump
  • Holding the “space” to push the boxes
  • Pressing “a” key to use the magic

Nelly - How to play

Control of Nelly

Tips and tricks:

  • Nelly jumps quite low, so stand on the edge help you to jump over more easily.
  • Don't get caught in sharp objects, monsters or stick bullets, you'll have to go back to the previous position

Nelly Walkthrough