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Narcissus Unblocked is the most popular and interesting platform game that you should play. Besides, this game also has attractive action elements that you can't miss. Moreover, the table can play this game with your friends and enjoy the moments together. Therefore, come and experience this game right now.

About the game:

- The story of the game:

The game will tell you a story about two twins, the old brother is white and the young brother is black. They go together through challenges and together overcome the most difficult places in the world. One day, they went to an imperial land that was alien to them, where there was absolutely no life, only death, and leafless trees. They have to cross this place to survive. Besides, you will play with two characters at the same time, so you can improve your reflex skills. If not, you can also play with your friends. This game was created to play well on both desktop and mobile devices as long as your internet connection is stable.

- Gameplay:

This game has a unique game of playing with you when you will control both twins. However, with this extremely unique way of playing, the difficulty of the game is not easy. But do not worry about this, you will be given the option to level the game. This game consists of three levels for you to freely choose: easy level, normal level, and difficulty level. If you are a newcomer to this game, choose an easy level so that you can complete the round in the best way. If you have played for a while or you play with your friend, you can choose the remaining two levels to enjoy the best adventure together. I guarantee that you will have great relaxation moments when playing this game.

- Graphics:

This game has excellent Pixel graphics with the most beautiful colors. Talking about the color of this game, you can be completely satisfied with it. The game possesses a beautiful bright color with the display of characters in the game is also very sharp. Despite being Pixel graphics, it still does well with what is in the game such as trees, grass, cliffs, and characters, which is a very good thing of this game.

- Soundtracks:

The soundtrack of this game is an extremely creative and unique combination, it is combined from traditional game music and modern game melodies. In addition to extremely fast melodies and rhythms, it will make you feel thrilled through each round. The faster you play this game, the faster the rhythm. All of these things will make you feel great and help you relax a lot.

- The interesting challenges:

The game has a series of interesting and simple challenges. By controlling two twins to jump up, you helped them overcome the challenges. However, the main challenge here is high walls and deep pools. You will not imagine that you will run fast and at the cliff, you have to jump high to overcome them, otherwise, you will die and the game will end. Although the game has simple challenges, the most difficult thing is the pace of the game is extremely fast. You will have to be very calm and reflect accurately to be able to overcome them.

- The rule of the game:

Narcissus Unblocked has only one rule, that is, you have to run and overcome the challenges to get to the next round. When entering the game, you will select the level of the game and slowly complete it. If you are bored with this level, you can change to another level. Levels will have different difficulty levels and different tempo. If you choose an easy level, the pace of the game will be slow and you will easily overcome obstacles

- Your mission:

In the game, you will have to control twins, a black and a white they have the same will and belief for each other. Your mission is to lead them to the end of the map by managing to make both jumps on the islands in mid-air. Some professional players will show their abilities by controlling the data themselves. If you think you can, go ahead and try it now.

- The things in this game:

The old Brother: he is a strong and assertive person. In this game, he is the one who leads his young brother and protects his younger brother. Although the task was difficult, he did not get discouraged but moved forward.

The young brother: he is someone who has the same will as his old brother but because he is young, he is inexperienced and indecisive. In this play, he follows his brother to learn experiences and with his older brother to overcome challenges.

The Stonewalls: these are obstacles in this game. These stone walls will harbor this pair of twins forward. There are very high walls, if they can't pass, the twins will die. In addition, these stone walls are also the place to guide the twins to move forward.

Deep pools: these are deadly pitfalls. Deep pools are behind stone walls and make you difficult. However, if you pay close attention, you will easily pass them. On the other hand, these deep pools also help you train your reflexes.

- Describe each round

Entering the game you will experience the fast pace of the game and the challenges. Each round, you will have to try to overcome obstacles and help the twins reach the finish line to complete the round. In the next rounds, challenges will become harder and harder.

Narcissus Unblocked:

At, Narcissus Unblocked is free to play. All you have to do is search for and Narcissus Unblocked along with other great games will appear. Have fun!

How to play:

  • The old brother will be controlled by the Up arrow key.
  • The young brother will be controlled by the Down arrow key.
  • Passing the level will require you to lead both of the figures to the end of the map safely.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Both figures will run forward nonstop and they’re parallel in one map, so if one goes up the other will go down, keep that in your mind.
  • At some level that you can’t manage to pass yourself, try to ask for somebody assist in controlling one of the figures, that will help.

Narcissus Walkthrough