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Mr Potato

About game:

Mr Potato is a Platform, Adventure, Fun and Potato video game about one of the most popular vegetable in the kitchen – Potato. In this video game, you will have the chance to turn yourself into a special Potato, which can walk, run and jump. However, you cannot tell if the Potato character is walking or running because you cannot see its legs. Anyway, it is not the main point of the Potato’s performance in this video game.

Mr Potato centres on the challenging levels that one player has to make through. The game has a set of various levels, and they are not easy to deal with. Many elements are contributing to your performance in this video game, such as the obstacles, your speed and reflex...You have to help Mr Potato avoid facing the kitchen kinds of stuff such as knights, pot… Those obstacles can stop him from reaching further progress, also known as the upcoming levels.

Mr Potato is a nice video game to challenge yourself, not only because it contains various exciting elements, but also because of its unique idea about Potatoes. You will get to take the role of multiple other characters such as Miss Potato, Boss Potato… as you progress further in the game. Let’s take a journey with Mr Potato now! Have fun!

Mr Potato Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the computer mouse to make Mr Potato jump.

Try to avoid the obstacles.

Mr Potato - How to play

Control of Mr Potato

Tips and tricks:

Once you stuck with one level, try to discharge yourself from playing that level for a while then come back to play it later.

The game gives you unlimited lives to play, so don’t worry if you fail too many times as you always get the second chance.

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