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Mission To Mars

About the game:

Mission to Mars is an extremely interesting and engaging adventure game. You will play the role of a Mars alien explorer. Your task is to overcome obstacles, then find your key and a missing part of the spaceship to return to your beloved planet.

Your obstacles will be the undulating platforms arranged at different heights, and you will have to jump over the dunes to get the key and activate your ship. To get the key, you will have to overcome some challenges like laser, alien monsters or simply pass two dunes that are far apart.

This game will have a lot of levels for you to conquer and the higher the level, the more difficulty will increase. The context of this game is the Mars that is covered by the red undulating hilly terrain. Let's move skillfully and pass all levels

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How to play:

  • Arrow key to move.
  • Press Up to jump.
  • Press Down to toggle.

Mission To Mars - how to play

Control of Mission To Mars

Tips and Tricks:

  • This is a game that requires the player's ability to observe. Therefore, please watch carefully before crossing obstacles to save time and energy.
  • Training before playing will help you become familiar with game manipulation and quickly conquer the level.