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Mini Dash

About the game:

Mini Dash is an adventure platform game with cute character designs and amazing missions for you to finish. The point is to get to the door at the end of each level to advance into the next one. You'll also have to get through a series of challenges including spikes, missiles, monsters, and sharp blades.

The game is basically filled with deadly booby traps and scary creatures, but you'll have to pass through all of them to keep leveling up. Your movements are so simple that the only way you could keep going is perfect timing. The game has some sequence where if you move right on time, you'll be able to reach the final door. But then again, if you don't get creative, you won't be able to pass either.

Mini Dash is a game designed for fun and relaxing quality times. If you feel bored or tired, chill out with Mini Dash right away!

Mini Dash Unblocked:

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How to play:

  • Use the left and right key to help your character move back and forth
  • Use either the space bar or upper arrow key to jump
  • Double-tap the spacebar or the upper arrow key to double jump
  • Press and hold the space bar or upper arrow key to stick to the walls

Mini Dash - How to play

Control of Mini Dash

Tips and tricks:

  • Timing is what matters most
  • Learn how to be creative with your gameplay
  • Don't stress too much, you've got plenty of lives

On our list of recommended game, Mini Dash is one of the most prominent names. Going along with it are three other names including Gravity GuyRainbow Poop and Momentum.

Mini Dash Walkthrough