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Mario Combat

About the Game:

Mario Combat by Sun-Studios is a cool action game made with Flash technology, meaning it can be played on any modern web browser. The plot is similar to the original Mario game but with a twist. Mario must now use his martial arts and fight his way to the kidnapped princess as opposed to the usual platforming, power-ups-filled journey.

Mario Combat’s graphics are both faithful and refreshing. It combines the charming original 8-bit art-style and the fluid animations as seen in modern fighting games. The moving camera may prove overwhelming, but it adds to the overall apprehensive action atmosphere. As you beat your enemies up, the lively sound effects together with tempting, hard music will enhance your gaming experience.

The game may be short, but surprisingly repayable as nothing brings as much satisfaction as kicking Bowser’s butt over and over. Mario Combat is an interesting take on what a beat-em-up Mario game would be, and only has fun to be found. This game, with its smooth movements and refreshing concept, will definitely entertain you for hours.

Mario Combat Unblocked:

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How to play:

  • Use the arrow keys to go around and jump.
  • Use A to kick and punch.

Mario Combat - How to play

Control of Mario Combat

Tips and tricks:

  • Save your health until the end, you don't want to die while fighting the evil Bowser!
  • Make sure you corner the Koopas to one side as they deal sizable damage when facing your back and can interrupt your combo.

Mario Combat Walkthrough