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About the Game:

In Loved – a great platform game by Alexander Ocias, you are guided by an unknown voice with which you are in an indeterminate relationship. As to the specifics, we are unclear: lovers, master and slave, or anything are up to your interpretation.

The game features heavy undertones of manipulation and subjugation. Your words are constantly countered by the mysterious voice. You are provided with a choice and an instruction, but whether to do as commanded is up to you. If you follow directions, the world becomes more detailed as objects are no longer obscured. If you disobey, you are hurled insults as the world gets distorted with colors.

Regardless of your choices, the game decides the opposite. The narrator will shame the player for any disobedience. The game capitalizes on the negative emotions of man: it is cruel, condescending, degrading. The game takes 5-15 minutes to complete, but will certainly leave you with a sensation of guilt. Loved is minimal and perhaps cryptic, and the player will have to draw their own meaning from experience.

Loved Unblocked:

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How to play:

  • Use the arrow keys to move.
  • Click on the bold words to make a choice.

Loved - how to play

Control of Loved

Tips and tricks:

  • The controls are slippery and may frustrate you compared to conventional platformers.
  • You only have to ignore the first “statue” if you choose to disobey.

Loved Walkthrough