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Little Red Riding Hood

About game:

If you have known about the stories of Grimm Brothers, you may be familiar to the story of a lovely girl whose name is Little Red Riding Hood. The story has been perfectly captured in this video game Little Red Riding Hood. Little Red Riding Hood video game follows the journey from the female protagonist’s house to her grandma’s. However, this is not a video game which focuses on the bright sides of the story Little Red Riding Hood. The game brings in a darker and deeper world, where the Little Red Riding Hood has to make her jump from one spinning globe to another, collect pins and apples. The game allows you to use your fast hands and a quick mind to catch the exact time.

Along with the thrilling sounds, we have fantastic graphics. Little Red Riding Hood has reached out of the scope of a Platform video game, as the elements of it are perfectly mastered with significant effects. The set includes twelve different levels for you to conquer. Starting from the first level, you will have to try your best to make your way through multiple challenging missions before you enter the last level. Let’s not forget that you also have to save the Rabbit friends that are locked in several cages.

With Little Red Riding Hood, you will once again get yourself back to your favorite childhood’s stories, but in a different way. Let’s get to the game ground and see if you can finish the story of the Little Red Riding Hood perfectly or not. Let’s go!

Little Red Riding Hood Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the computer mouse to activate the Little Red Riding Hood’s jump.

Little Red Riding Hood - How to play

Control of Little Red Riding Hood

Tips and tricks:

Once you miss collecting the collectables, you can find your way back but be careful, or you will kill the Little Red Riding Hood instead.

You can replay any level of the game whose result does not satisfy you.

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