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Light It Up


Hi, my friend, Light It Up is an amazing platform game that you just cannot ignore! Run, jump and slide nonstop to avoid the obstacles and get to the finishing line safely. Try to all three stars in every level and unlock even more fun. Let's play Light It Up now!

About the game:

Light It Up is an excellent platform game that tests your reflexes and hand-and-eye coordination. In this game, the operation is simple: using two buttons, you control your character to jump from a block to another while avoiding traps and strikes. Control him through blocks look like a square, a circle, a rectangle, or a diamond.

When you get to a block, you light it up with bright colors. But look out, tons of strikes and serrations will stand in your way. Got hit by them just once and your game will be over and all your efforts go back to zero. You then have to replay from the very beginning.

The game will make him running nonstop, so your job is to make him either jump up or slide down. During the game, you only need two keys on the keyboard, the up and down arrow keys, to control your character. The two moves, relatively, are jumping up and sliding down. When you need to get to higher platforms or avoid obstacles on the ground, you need to jump.

If there are low, rugged obstacles, slip through it. You can make a super cool double jump by hitting jump again while you're in midair. This technique helps to jump on really spots, but remember to look up and make sure there are no dangerous obstacles above your head.

Watch out, some platforms move you to other directions. Your screen will rotate around, so make sure you won't feel too dizzy to act. This makes you have sharp reflexes, and also focus more. Besides, once in a while, you'll see a white barrier. Don't worry, these barriers are harmless, they just get you to run the opposite direction.

On your way, stars are also something you'll need to take notice. While getting to the finishing block safe and sound is necessary, it's not enough. You'll also have to pick up little stars lying at some certain spots on the track. Otherwise, your score won't be high and your game won't be fun. However, these spots where the stars lie won't be easy to reach.

Some real tactics and sharp skills will be needed to get the shining stars. Moreover, as you are running nonstop, you'll have only one shot to nail it. There's no turning back; if you missed a star, just forget about it and keep running. Of course, you can retry as many times as possible until you've got all three stars. Taking some practice may necessary, and you may need to die several times before actually finish the level. The game has a total of 15 fun levels for you to challenge yourself with. Complete each and every level and get all 45 stars to unlock more modes.

I love to kill time in the Endless mode. In this mode, everything is the same but it runs to eternity. Use all you've got and run as long as possible. Moreover, unlike the classic mode, the platforms in Endless mode are randomly organized each time you play. So, trying to remember the map in this mode is redundant. Instead, focus 100% percent to the screen and act as fast as possible.

Trying to get the highest scores as possible and share it with others. Moreover, you can challenge your friends and see who go the furthest. Have fun while trying to overcome the record of each other, and even break the record of your own!

One more thing that I like about Light It Up is its brilliant music and graphics. As the name Light It Up has suggested, this game has a pitch-black background, while other details are in bright neon colors. When you haven't touched a block, the block is just some lines connecting to each other. But just the moment you touch it, the whole shape will be filled with its neon shade.

When you finish the run, the whole map will be lighted up so colorfully like a rainbow. Moreover, the simple but brilliant geometric blocks and character crown the colors even more. And the music, oh, it reminds me of joy after a long day studying at school. The brilliant sounding effects of Light It Up makes the game much more fun to play. Light It Up is one of my favorite game of all time, so I really reckon you check this game out!

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How to play:

There are two ways to control this game, so you can pick whatever way you are more comfortable with:

Using the arrow keys on the keyboard: "Up" arrow key: Jumping. "Down" arrow key: Sliding. Or using a movement button on the screen. However, I recommend the first method since it's more responsive.

Tips and tricks:

Try to get as many stars as possible. I know that it won't be by any means an easy thing to do, but the point rewards are worth it. Sometimes, the moment you start the game is important, too. In the beginning of some levels, there are certain platforms with spikes that move. Since you cannot pause when you've already started, that very moment you take the first step is decisive. So, be patient and wait for the gold moment to start the game.

Light It Up Walkthrough