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King Of Thieves

About the game:

King Of Thieves is a platform puzzle game with rigorous missions and creative gameplay. You’re a black box creature whose dream is to become a king of the thieves, so you’ve decided to steal all of the treasure in the world. But inside where these treasures are hidden, are numerous obstacles such as other bigger monsters, deadly cogwheels, fire balls and even more life-threatening hurdles. Pass through all of them to claim your prize and become the king of thieves!

King of Thieves is a highly addictive game with multiples rounds of gameplay for you to enjoy all day long. The path lies ahead may seem easy until you’ve learned how to play and move, that’s when the game gets tough. If you wish to play and win as many rounds as possible, you might want to start playing right away!

The game will always be available and there are many levels you can try before acclaiming your king status.

King Of Thieves Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use left mouse click to make your jump

King Of Thieves - how to play

Control of King Of Thieves

Tips and tricks:

  • Timing is the most important aspect of the game, so make sure your timing is right or you’ll lose lives faster than you think
  • Weapons and machineries will slowly disappear as you keep wearing them out
  • Sometimes it is necessary to take many tries to get through the round

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King Of Thieves Walkthrough