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About the game:

Kawairun is a platform running game created specifically to kill times and have fun while relaxing as well. Your mission is to sprint as far as possible while dodging obstacles and avoiding missing grounds. While running, you ‘ll potentially run into tree branches, mud puddles, missing bridge stairs, tree logs, snowballs or even creatures like ghosts and a deadly bee.

Combine your moves and speed up to keep running for as long as you can. Besides all that, you can choose a variety of character designs by matching different body parts together, and the game even offers different facial expressions so that you can create a character that matches your preference.  

Kaiwairun is a well-designed game that is friendly to players and kids, and no to mention the fact that they also have multiplayer mode so that you can enjoy this game with your friends. Have a fun time deciding who’s the winner!

Kawairun Unblocked:

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How to play:

  • Use the left and right arrow key to move and navigate, you can even pace up in the frames
  • Use the under arrow key to slide and glide, ducking tombs and tree branches
  • Press up arrow key to make a jump and avoid deadly spaces

Kawairun - How to play

Control of Kawairun

Tips and tricks:

  • Look closely for what lies ahead and be prepared for any obstacle
  • Be careful of the bee, ghost, and yeti. They come and attack when unexpected!

Kawairun Walkthrough