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About game:

Jumphobia is another definition of an Alternative, Indie, Jump, Adventure, and Platform video game. In the world of Jumphobia, you cannot jump without running off a ledge. For sure, the only action you can smoothly perform throughout this video game is running. One other thing you need to ensure is not touching the Spikes.

Jumphobia brings the roughest Adventure to your gameplay. In each stage of the game, you will be facing deadly red monsters. Those funny little enemies are waiting for you, as they are going to eat you. You can only jump on the heads of the monsters to kill them, which means that if you fail to kill one, you will be stuck since there no other move for you to do rather than running. Luckily, the game allows you to restart the stage you are stuck in by using just a single button. Even when you can reset the stage you are stuck in as many times as you want, you will get either bored or even more excited after each time you fail to move on to the next stage.

It is fair enough that only the most hardened players can make it to the last stage of Jumphobia. However, it does not mean that this game is challenging at all. If you notice and spend some time to make up small strategies before you start to conquer one stage, you will find it easier to breathe in the air of Jumphobia. Cheers yourself up with the fresh challenges in Jumphobia, now!

Jumphobia Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the arrow keys (Left and Right buttons) to move the characters.
Press the left-click button to pick options.

Jumphobia - How to play

Control of Jumphobia

Tips and tricks:

You are not under the pressure of time in any stage of Jumphobia, so take your time and discover everything you need before you cause any mistake.
The game serves its best when you enable full options.

Jumphobia Walkthrough