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Johnny Upgrade


Johnny Upgrade is a satisfying adventure game in which the superhero has no superpower at all. On the contrary, he walks like a turtle, and he jumps so low. It seems so odd, right? But if you played long enough, he'll prove to you that superheroes are just not about the unborn talents, but also the efforts, patience, and wisdom. Would you join and give him a hand?

About the game:

Johnny Upgrade is an oddly satisfying adventure game in which you'll be in the shoes of a superhero. However, he is not a hero who has superpower from the day he was born. At the beginning of the game, don't be surprised when you meet our main character, Johnny, who has no superpowers or special abilities at all. He may look like a lusty young man, but you'll be confused about how slow this guy can walk and how low he can jump. Yep, that will be your superhero.

In the first stage, the time limit is insane. In fact, you can go around in only three seconds. You'll only manage to get a few pennies before the round ends and you still haven't understood anything. With the tiny number of coins you get, you are only able to purchase a small upgrade and that's it. You will be stuck in that area over and over again, trying to figure out what this game is about. After playing a few rounds, maybe you'll become disheartened and even want to quit. However, if you keep being patient, everything will get clearer...

In the next rounds, try to get loads of coins to upgrade yourself. I reckon you upgrade your speed and jump power first to help you go much further distance and jump higher in the fleeting three seconds. Then, try to extend your duration to be able to discover more about the game's world. You'll then see your character become stronger and stronger every round, and gradually turning into the hero he has always wanted to be. When you go far enough, you'll see a laser gun. Get it and bring your journey to a whole new level.

You'll then see many obstacles and traps, laying and moving everywhere on your path. So, do your best to avoid them because just a single hit will bring you back to the starting point. You'll also bump into robot enemies that are aiming for you. When meeting those guys, a single laser shot would do the thing for you. However, remember that the number of shots you have in the game is limited, but you can upgrade it, too. And you can upgrade the power of your weapon also.

Round by round, you'll be proud to see that your Johnny is no more the weak and slow guy you met at the beginning. Now he is a true hero, with amazing skills and powers. Whenever you feel he is ready, I think it's time for Johnny to make use of what he has been training for. So, it's time for him to face the ultimate boss of the game.

This boss has really dreadful guns that shoot randomly or in a pattern. Try to dodge all those killing shots while shooting back to this flying giant. With a nice laser gun, you may be able to take him down after several hits. Do you have enough to defeat this boss? Let's see.

Good news, I have some fine advice for you in the round with the boss. Firstly, make sure you upgrade all the skills and weapons to some certain levels. Don't rush to see the boss if you think you're ready. It's okay to play some more rounds and collect more coins. Make yourself as strong as your enemy. When you determine to deal with this boss, it's important to start a whole new round doing so. Only by doing that you'll have enough time to kill the boss. Moreover, do not try to seek for coins or enemies in this very decisive round. It'll definitely be a waste if you almost won but the time ran out!

After you finish the boss, you'll be the winner. Although Johnny Unblocked gameplay sounds so simple, I'm sure you're gonna love it. To me, I found this game very inspirational. This intriguing game showed me how Johnny succeeded in training himself to be the hero he wanted to be. The progress may be slow and hard, but the result is definitely worth it! It showed me that you could be the person you want to be, as long as you keep trying hard every single day! Every time failures beat you up, just rise again. So, my pal, are you patient enough to be the hero of your dream?

You may think that the game's over after you've beaten up the boss. Well, it may be true, but for the ambitious players, they want more! Try to finish the game in the shortest time as possible and see if you could beat other's record. Have fun playing Johnny Upgrade!

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How to play:

 - Johnny Upgrade has an extremely simple operation. To control, use the key on your keyboards:

  • Use left and right arrow key to help Johnny move
  • Press up arrow key to jump
  • Use the space bar to shoot

Tips and tricks:

  • In the beginning, your time limit will be extremely short. Do whatever it takes to gain as many coins as possible in those fleeting seconds and extend your time budget by buying upgrades!
  • As the maps won't change, you should remember it to deal with anything easier in the next play.
  • Keep playing, gain coins and maximize all of Johnny's skills and powers and help him become a superhero.
  • When you upgrade yourself enough, go and meet the boss of the game. In this decisive round, don't waste time wandering around looking for coins and shooting enemies. Focus on getting right at where the boss is waiting and complete him!

Johnny Upgrade Walkthrough