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Jet boy

About the game:

Jet Boy is a 2D arcade game genre, jumping to overcome obstacles. This game is an extremely simple game but not boring. You will control a gray square, mounted with a jetpack, pass a lava hole, climb to the upper floors to eat a large yellow square.

In this game, you have to press these arrow keys on your keyboard to control the gray square block. Don't fall into the lava pit, otherwise, you'll have to play again from the beginning of the round. There are 24 rounds of play – 24 levels. Each round will have many obstacles, you need to pay attention to pass them and reach the destination.

After each use of the engine, the gray block will have time to recharge the energy. Don't hurry, take your time! Don't worry about the age, everyone can play this game because it is easy to navigate and understand, just be careful and have a little scrutinized, it will be easy to pass the rounds.

Jet boy Unblocked:

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How to play:

  • Using the arrow keys to activate the main boy
  • Holding the up key to use the jet

Jet boy - How to play

Control of Jet boy

Tips and tricks:

  • For places where you need to jump high, hold the up key to use the jet
  • For places that need to jump far away, hold the up key and combine with the directional arrow to use the jet

Jet boy Walkthrough