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Jellydad Hero

About game:

Jellydad Hero is a Platform, Puzzle, Adventure, and Jelly video game. In this game, you take the role of the Jellydad, the father of the Jelly family. One day, when the Jelly family is traveling to their dream holiday, they got caught by a group of stranger invaders. Now, the head of the family, Jellydad, has to try his best to find ways leading to the freedom for the Jelly family.

Jellydad Hero contains a set of several levels. The player starts from the first level, and then progress until he can reach the bonus levels. In every stage of Jellydad Hero, the Jellydad has got to collect all the pinion gears before he reaches the exit gate. The game also allows the Jellydad to swallow kinds of stuff and release them later to help him reach different places around every stage of the game. Since the Jellydad is on his mission secretly, he has to be very careful in order not to be caught by the enemies. Besides, Jellydad also has to avoid multiple obstacles that can kill him anytime he touches them.

Jellydad Hero is a fun and exciting video game with a very bright idea and promising elements. To solve all the Puzzles of Jellydad is not an easy thing to do. If you are a challenge-acceptor, you should jump straight to the playfield of Jellydad Hero now. Have fun!

Jellydad Hero Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the arrow keys to move Jellydad.

Press the Space button to swallow, release.

Jellydad Hero - How to play

Control of Jellydad Hero

Tips and tricks:

For some difficult stages, you should get to see the walkthrough video and get yourself some clues.

If you make one mistake, you will have to retake the level that you fail.

Jellydad Hero Walkthrough