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Jelly Jump

About game:

Welcome to the game world of Jelly Jump. In this Platform, Quick, Fun, and Jelly video game, you will be able to challenge your scaling skills. Why do you need these skills? What makes it so crucial to your performance in Jelly Jump? We will find it out now! First, Jelly Jump brings you into the position of a Jelly controller. This position sounds a bit weird, but as you know, the protagonist of the game is a Jelly, which means everything that you have to do in this video game depends on the Jelly.

The game requires you to make the Jelly jump from the one step to the higher ones. This mission sounds like an easy one, but you will change your mind after you know about the obstacles of the game. Jelly Jump brings in thorn grounds on both sides of the screen. If you make an overjump, you will meet the upper thorn ground, but if you make a weak jump which is not able to help you reach the next step, you will be killed by the below thorn ground.

Jelly Jump allows you to collect golden stars while you are jumping and the golden stars you have received will be saved, regardless of the times you lose the game. Jelly Jump encourages you to break your record, as the game tracks your achievements. With all these fantastic elements, you will love to have fun with Jelly Jump. Let’s play this video game now!

Jelly Jump Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the computer mouse to make the Jelly jump up from his place.

Jelly Jump - How to play

Control of Jelly Jump

Tips and tricks:

The more you play, the better you become.  
You can manage the strength of your jump by noticing the Jelly before he jumps.

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