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Jelly Escape

About game:

Jelly Escape is a good Platform, Jelly, Adventure and Simple video game for everyone to play and enjoy. Why? Because the game does not require you to use up your brain to know what is going on, why it still captures your joyful emotions. Zoom into the story of the game, and we can easily understand the need for freedom among the community of Jellies, the creatures that live inside the arcade game machine.

On the adventure of freedom, you will take the role of Jelly, whose color depends on the type of levels it lives in. The jelly character will have to make his way through multiple obstacles to collect all the thunder foods. At the end of each level in the game, we will see that one jelly has to find all the way to the bubble gate if he wants to enter the next level. The game has sixty levels, divided into four different level parts such as Green, Yellow, Red and Blue. Now you know why the color of one jelly depends on the color it of the level it lives in.

Wherever one jelly goes, he will mark his step. As you progress, the game has you facing the obstacles that can kill your jelly after just one touch. Jelly Escape seems like a simple Platform video game, but it contains more elements than you think it does. You should jump straight in the game world of Jelly Escape now if you want to conquer all of its cool levels. Have fun!

Jelly Escape Unblocked:

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When mentioning the best flash games of all time, Jelly Escape is the name that people think of most beside other prominent names like VVVVVVMr Potato or Tower of Destiny.

How to play:

Use the arrow keys to control the Jelly and travel through the game world.

Jelly Escape - How to play

Control of Jelly Escape

Tips and tricks:

  • Even when you need to focus on collecting all the thunder foods rather than the timing system, getting to the destination quicker earns you more scores.
  • A walkthrough video will help you learn more tips to surviving the challenges of the game.