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Iron Knight

About the game:

Iron Knight is an amazing shooting game with the dangerous battlefield that is full of bombs. Your mission is to control a soldier who is the only one survives after the war. You will have to take advantage of all the thing that remains after the bomb attack. These items will help you to fight against the enemy.

Your base is located in a dark and dense forest. After being attacked, your army is destroyed, and you are the only one to live. All the facility and leftover weapons are precious objects that can help you survive and continue fighting. The enemy will continue to attack, so you must always search for the items and strengthen your power.

Your mission when the enemy has not attacked is to go around the forest and collect the remaining weapons, load more bullets for your gun or search for energy to help you fight stronger. There will be 17 waves of attacks, and you will have to be smart to defeat the entire enemy. Let's play and experience!

Iron Knight Unblocked:

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How to play:

  • Click the mouse to shot;
  • Press W, A, S, D to move or jump;
  • Press E to action; Q to change the weapon; R to reload;
  • Press SHIFT to use the shield.

Iron Knight - How to play

Control of Iron Knight

Tips and tricks:

  • Observe carefully and do not ignore any items as they will help you become stronger and quickly destroy the enemy.
  • Practice before playing to get used to the game manipulation and easily conquer this game!

Iron Knight Walkthrough