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Infinity Inc

About the game:

Infinity Inc is an extremely interesting and engaging adventure action game. In this game, you will transform into a saved adventurer. You have to overcome the dark basement to find your nuclear gun. After possessing the gun, you will use it as a weapon to assist you to overcome obstacles randomly placed throughout the road that you go through.

You have an extraordinary ability to create your own versions and use them to overcome obstacles cleverly. For example, when your version runs through a laser, the laser will turn off, and that version will also be cut in half. You can create an unlimited number of versions of yourself. This is the way for you to overcome the challenges of this game.

Sometimes, you will encounter dangerous opponents in tunnel sections and you have to use nuclear guns to destroy them. This game has a murky context and lively music, creating a sense of terrifying for players.

Infinity Inc Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use arrow keys to move, C to clone, X to shoot, V to switch between clones and space for self-destruction.

Infinity Inc - How to play

Control of Infinity Inc

Tips and tricks:

  • Observe carefully the challenges you are about to face and find the best strategy to overcome them.
  • Please practice before playing to get used to the game manipulation and can conquer this game quickly.

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