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I Saw Her Standing There


Welcome to I Saw Her Standing There, a puzzle game which is created by Nicholas Yonge and Kelly Wright. Have you ever been in a relationship? Do you still love someone even when they become a zombie? You will be a black boy. Your main mission is to get the pink girl in a cage while overcoming all the obstacles on the way. There are many levels with plenty of amazing challenges waiting for you in I Saw Her Standing There. Let’s go!

About the game:

I Saw Her Standing There is one of the most addicting games for kids. Are you looking for a puzzle intelligent game? This game will not let you down because it is so interesting and amazing. It helps you improve your reflexes skill and even your intelligence because you have to make a wise plan to keep yourself alive and complete the task. You will become a black boy who is on the way to look for his girlfriend, the pink girl. However, there are so many traps in front of you, so you need to be careful in order not to die.

There is a story about this game. The boy and the girl are falling in love, but she was a zombie, and she wants to eat his brain even loving him. Thus, she always pursues him whenever they are in a short distance. If she can catch her lover, she eats his brain and kills him. It’s difficult if the love of your life is ravenous walking dead. Therefore, the stickman decides to put his lover in a cage so that he can keep her brain safe and they are also together. Hence, your task is to guide the boy to be in a safe area and get the girl into the requested location.

You will defeat this one of the best video games by finishing all 15 levels equally divided into 3 acts, each act includes 5 levels. Nevertheless, you don’t need to complete the mission one by one for the next opening level, just select the level you want to conquer. If you can achieve all the obligations, congratulation, you are a smart and skilled one. Are you ready? Let’s jump into the dangerous but engaging world with the lovely couple now!

In act 1, just you and the pink girl stand in the field. This is the easiest part of the online game. Your mission is to come closer to the girl and decoy her to follow you, then go to the case and lock her there. There is no dangerous objects or person in this act. Just be careful in order for the girl to not touch you and concentrated on locking her into the cage.

In act 2, the girl is not the only one around you to harm you, you can see many other zombies which are always to attack you and kill you. They have the green skin and they stand everywhere on the screen. There are many spaces in this act, you and your girl and other zombies can stand on the different space. Be careful when running to her, don’t let you fall into the abyss or you will lose the game. In addition, stay away from other enemies because the game is also over when they touch you. Look around, and a gun is waiting for you on a blue platform. Go and take it, you can use it to shoot the foes and save your life and approach your sweetheart. The gun can be in anywhere on the field, and you will kill one adversary for each shot. Defeat all the foes and now, just you and the girl are on the yard. It’s time to lock her in the cage and keep her for yourself.

In act 3, you also need to fight against an army of zombies, they are more crowded in act 2. This online part is more challenging because there is no gun to help you. You must control the character to take away from these dangerous hordes of undead you don't love to protect yourself. Then, don’t forget your main duty of getting closer to the girl and lead her to the cage. You also need to be prudent to walkthrough the spaces safely. If you fall, you die and have to play again. When you finish each mission, the next level is open, but you are also able to choose the level you want.

The girl follows you if you and she are closed. However, when the distance between you is so high, she will stand still and does not chase you anymore and then the stickman needs to run to her again. Once you get closer to the green zombies, they will also purchase you. Hence, you need to move wisely and lure them to one place and after that, run fast to get out of this area. Therefore, they can’t follow anymore and you are free to find your girl.

I Saw Her Standing There is one of the most addicting games which allow players to relax after hard working or studying. By playing it, gamers also can improve their planning skills and reflexes skills. The rule of the game is very simple. There is only one task during the fight: prevent the black boy from an army of green zombies and hoax the girl into the cage which is prepared to confine her.

One of the most amazing attractions of this online game is the love poem. After you finish one mission in each level, you will discover a verse in this love poem. I come across many levels and find out some verses:

I saw her standing there.

But then she was a zombie.


I knew she loved me too.


I’m glad she loves to follow me.

Can you finish all the levels and fill in the blank and explore the rest of this poem for me? With the simple but eye-catching graphics as well as attractive sounds, I am sure that you will immerse yourself in a storybook of the black boy and pink girl. Music is a great feature of this game, it allows you to have full gaming experience. Turn on the music and enjoy each level to have an interesting relaxing time.

The game is running smoothly on PC with the well-connected internet. It is a free game for people of all ages. How many levels can you win? Don’t hesitate anymore, let’s jump to the world of zombies and become the strongest man who can defeat anyone. Have fun and good luck!

I Saw Her Standing There Unblocked

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How to play:

Use arrow keys to control the character:

  •  left arrow to go to the left
  •  right arrow to go to the right
  •  up arrow to jump

I Saw Her Standing There - How to play

Control of I Saw Her Standing There Unblocked

Tips and tricks:

  • Maintain the safe distance between you and the pink girl in order not to be arrested and killed.
  • Don’t stay too far away from the girl or she will standstill.
  • If you let the zombie touch you, you will die and the game is over.
  • The zombie can’t jump but you can.
  • Find out and pick the gun on the way to shoot the foes and kill them immediately.

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I Saw Her Standing There Walkthrough