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I Saw Her Across the World

About game:

A long time ago, when love started to appear on Earth, people know how hard it is chasing their love. Since Human is the living form of Zombie, I Saw Her Across the World brings in the story of a zombie whose loved one is playing a game of tag with him. This Zombie represents you while his love one acts on behalf of your lover. At the beginning of this Adventure, Tag, and Platform video game, we will get to choose the role we want to be in the game. You can easily pick up one color that you think shows your identity and another one for your lover. Both of you guys are Zombies, and your mission is to find all the possible ways to reach your lover. The harder you try, the further he/she is.

The game shows you a Map which includes the places that you can come and find your lover there. Throughout the game, your lover will be standing away from you, as he/she forces you to get to where he/she is. In the Forest, one of the places that you have to get to, there are tons of different deadly animals. The wild animals can kill you after one touch.

Getting through all the wild animals is just one of the tough challenges that I Saw Her Across the World offers. You can see that no matter how rough the situation becomes, your character can’t help telling you the stories about love. After playing I Saw Her Across the World, you may understand the meaning of true love. Let’s try it!

I Saw Her Across the World Unblocked:

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How to play:

  • Use the W, A, S and D or Arrow buttons to move the character.
  • Press the H to reveal hint.

I Saw Her Across the World - How to play

Control of I Saw Her Across the World

Tips and tricks:

  • Each scene has a hind, check up on what it is before you start to make your move.
  • No matter how many times you die, the game will bring you back to where you begin.

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I Saw Her Across the World Walkthrough