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Home Sheep Home


Home Sheep Home is a great platform game created by the love for Shaun the sheep. In this game, you'll control three familiar characters: Shaun, baby Timmy, and Shirley. Make brilliant tactics to help them past challenges and get to the farm. Have fun with Home Sheep Home!

About the game:

Home Sheep Home is a platform, funny and tactical game created by Aardman. He takes his inspiration from the amazing animation Shaun the sheep. In this game, you will see three familiar sheep: Shaun, baby Timmy, and Shirley. They are getting to the other side of the farm, but they're stuck. Your job is to control them pass the obstacles and get to the signpost, and of course, all safe and sound.

Firstly, if you haven't had the chance to meet our three characters, let me introduce them to you. Shaun is the thinnest and lightest. He could walk gracefully on balance objects without causing just a quiver. However, he is quite weak and cannot push heavy objects. The next is Baby Timmy, who is the smallest, and also the most adorable sheep in the family. He can easily go in small and narrow places, like underground tunnels. Last but not least, Shirley, who has a big and robust body. However, his body is quite bulky and cause inconveniences sometimes.

With different body sizes and characteristics, each sheep will fit into each stage. For instance, in a level, there is a standing wooden pole and a gap next to that. With that heaviness of the bar, Shirley's strength is needed. However, remember not to hit that so powerful that the bar breaks in half. Another example is that, in another level, there is a closed gate which can only be opened from the other side. Luckily, there is a small tunnel that goes under the gate, but only tiny Timmy can go through. So you need to control him through the tunnel, open the gate and help the others pass.

As you have three sheep, you will have to work together as a team. Which means, leave no sheep behind. Whatever it takes, you have to take all of them through the signpost, and only by that should you pass the level. Sometimes, making tactics for just a sheep is enough to make it through the level. But sometimes, teamwork will be the key thing.

So, what kind of challenges awaiting the three sheep? There might be high piles of straw, swings, wooden barrels to block the road or high barriers, to name a few. Each needs a specific way or item to deal with. For example, my favorite item is the trampoline. Trampolines can get the sheep to super high places, even the bulky Shirley. But you have to jump on it several times before it gets high enough. Play and find out your favorite item!

All the graphics of Home Sheep Home, unlike the animation, is in 2D graphics. However, it doesn't make the art any less adorable or the game any less fun to play. And the background music is the best; it's the original song! Whenever you get through a level, the track will start as a winning song.

From game operation to graphics and music, this game is just perfect for any Shaun The Sheep fan! Playing Home Sheep Home is so relaxing, especially when you get to see the adorable characters from your favorite movie! Moreover, I believe this is a fantastic strategy game for kids to develop their thinking and problem-solving skills. What can be better than a game with loads of fun puzzles that is not too sophisticated, but is also not just a piece of cake? Above everything, it's super adorable! Your kids can freely develop many skills while they're playing fun games. Doesn't it sound so intriguing?

In this game, there are a total of 15 fun rounds of play. Each level has its own challenges; hence, you'll need different tactics to pass through all of them. Besides, your game will be timed, so try your best to get the sheep to the other side as quick as you can. The quicker you make it, the more bonus points you get! If you can't finish the level in your desired time limit, don't worry, you can always try again!

Moreover, one of the features I like best about this game is that you can play by suggestion or play by yourself. For the ambitious players, I reckon you turn off the suggestions for more fun. Nothing feels better than the feeling of finding the right answer all by yourself, doesn't it? However, if you're stuck, just a bit of hint is totally fine. To parents, I think you should let your kids play with the suggestion mode in those case when your kid is a starter. The hints won't show directly the way to deal with obstacles, so there is still some space for your kid to use his/her mind. Of course, you can turn it off later, when your child get used to the gameplay. And in your spare time, try this game, too! It may seem simple, but once you try, I know you'll fall for it. Have fun!

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How to play:

 - This game has a simple operation. Use a total of 7 keys on your keyboard to play Home Sheep Home:

  • Use the arrow keys to help the sheep move
  • Switch sheep control with 1, 2, and 3 number keys. The order of the sheep is Shirley, Shaun, and Timmy, respectively. If you can't remember the ordinary, don't worry, because the information will show on the top right of the screen.

Tips and tricks:

  • With heavy objects need to pour buckets, use Sherley
  • For places to jump high, use Shaun
  • With small situations challenging to squeeze through, use Timmy
  • You can check the upper right corner to recall the control order of the sheeps
  • You can choose to play with or without instructions.

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