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Helix Jump 2

About the game:

Helix Jump 2 is a platform / maze game created by Voodoo. The point is very simple, all you got to do is to move the paintball so that it cannot hit the differently colored areas and fall down to the next platform through a missing space on the blocks.

Try your best and reach the last platform, it will lead you to the second level, and just like that, the difficulty keeps rising as you pass through each level. Barricade with different colors will appear as you evolve in the game, and you cannot touch those either. Keep going as far as you can because once you’ve hit the mentioned obstacles, you’ll have to restart the level, but it won't be that tiring!

Helix Jump 2 is a well - designed mobile game that has been brought to pc for a game-changing experience. With its simple goals and endless possibilities, the game will assure you a relaxing time while playing.

Helix Jump 2 Unblocked :

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How to play: 

Use the Left and Right key arrow to move the paintball.

Helix Jump 2 - How to play

Control of Helix Jump 2

Tips and tricks:

  • Avoid different colors areas at all cost..
  • Watch out for those different colored barricades as well, they can be hard to get through.
  • Jump pass multiple platforms at the same time to give your paintball platform breaking abilities, as it will be strong enough to break one of the platforms.
  • Moving platforms will appear as well, but they aren't much of a problem.

Helix Jump 2 has become the classic game on Hudgames along with Papa LouieHelix jump and Snow Drift. All of them are strongly recommended by the editors.

Helix Jump 2 Walkthrough