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Helix Jump

About game:

Helix jump a great platform video game, developed by VooDoo, has recently been a phenomenon because of its entertaining gameplay. This version is a fan-made, specially designed for game lovers who prefer to play on their web browser. In this game, you will guide a jumping ball down a tower and avoid the traps and obstacles on the way. Be careful, because if you hit the ground with the wrong colour, you will have to start the level from the beginning.

To succeed in this game, you may not be a fast player, but instead, a careful one who notices everything on his way. As you go further, the traps will be more challenging, and you will have to be more and more cautious. Besides, don't forget to collect the diamonds along the way.

This game has excellent 3D graphics, in addition to the colour of every level. You can also get many more cool ball outfits later in the game. Have fun with the world of colours!

Helix Jump Unblocked :

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How to play:

To rotate the tower, use the arrow keys.

Helix Jump - How to play

Control of Helix Jump

Tips and tricks:

  • When you see a moving platform on the next floor, it’s best to observe its motion and pathway so that you avoid it easily.
  • Jump down more than three floors in a row and you will receive a bonus destruction of the next floor. However, it will be quite risky doing so because you will never know what the lower floors have.

Helix Jump Walkthrough