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Heart Star

About game:

Heart Star focuses on your team-working and helping skills, as this Platform, Heart and Star video game brings you to two different heroes’ worlds. The female hero’s world is painted pink while the male hero’s world is painted blue. Somehow, these two worlds are parallel and connected by a lighting station.

Your mission in this game is helping the two heroes reach the lighting station. Heart Star contains several levels, and each one can only be accomplished when the two heroes both stand on the lighting station. You will have to switch between worlds and play as each hero and let them reach the final destination if you want to progress further in the game. Most of the time, you have to make the heroes helping each other, as one hero can hop on another if he/she wants to reach the higher place.

Heart Star serves classic gameplay with vintage elements such as the soundtracks and graphics. The game can take you back to the good old days when classic Adventure video games rule the world. Once again in your life, the classic game genre was brought back to make you happy. Now, let’s find yourself the right place and earn a high score in this video game Heart Star! Goodluck!

Heart Star Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the arrow keys or W/A/S/D buttons to work with the heroes.
Press the Space bar when you want to switch world.

Heart Star - How to play

Control of Heart Star

Tips and tricks:

For the levels with complicated background, move slowly, and ensure that your heroes are always safe.
If you cannot survive one level too many times, you should see a walkthrough video and get yourself some clues.

In a long list of video games on Hudgames, Heart Star is a prominent name. This game attracts thousands of gamers from around the world by its simple but addictive gameplay. In addition to it, three other names that are also prominent equally are Bad Ice Cream 2Headless Zombie and All That Matters. All of them are strongly recommended by the editor team of Hudgames.

Heart Star Walkthrough